My favorite Cricket moments.

1-Who in our country can forget the finishing six of MS Dhoni in World Cup 2011 and that iconic commentary of Ravi Shashtri -“…India lifts World Cup after 28 years and it’s the Indian captain who has been absolutely magnificent in the night of finals.”It just gives me goosebumps every time i watch it. This is my one of the favorite moments being a fan of Indian Cricket team.It was a dream farewell for the God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar and he really deserved it.

2-Everyone was confused with the choice of Joginder Sharma on bowling the last over of the First ever t20 World Cup that was played and there was dismay over the choice of then novice captain MS Dhoni. I remember clearly the chaos in my family over this choice but then what happened was history.Joginder Sharma defending 5 on 3 against Misbah was no less than magic. This being the first t20 World Cup and India winning it made another great moment for me in Indian Cricket History.

3.Another moment that i remember is not a happy one but gloomy. It was 2019 World Cup and everything was fine till Jadeja and MS Dhoni were on strike.Jadeja was out after an outstanding knock against kiwis but still there was hope and it was MS. That bowl i remember clearly when MS couldn’t bat it well and started for a single, it was fine and then he ran for a second and that direct hit by Martin Guptill shattered the hopes of billion people and that was evident on Umpire’s expression. It was there we lost and thus MS bid farewell from International Cricket.

4.The ICC champion’s trophy 2013 final was ambiguous as it rained chronically but even in uncertainties our Indian team delivered it’s best performance.

5.Cricket is not just a game it’s an emotion and Yuvraj Singh proved it to be true. Yuvraj Singh was suffering from Cancer still he played in World Cup 2011 and was awarded Man of the tournament for his stellar performance throughout the World Cup, he was everywhere taking wickets, scoring runs, mind-blowing fielding. He was perfect as a cricketer. Eventhough he was in pain it was after World Cup that everyone got to know of it but that might be as he wanted but all through eternity he would be remembered for his contributions even at his worst.

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