Origin of Premier league

New season of English domestic football tournament Premier league( PL ) is starting 13th august (14th august according to IST). PL is considered as one of best top tier league in football world. 20 team contest with each other playing 38 games( 19 home and 19 away) in a 8 month long season from august to may. This league operates on system of promotion and relegation. Bottom three teams gets relegated to English football league( EFL ). PL was founded on 20th February 1992. Total 49 clubs have participated in PL, seven of them have won the title. Also the PL is the most watched sports league in the world with potential TV audience of 4.7 billion.

Build Up

Before PL, EFL was the top tier league in English football system, founded in 1888. Decline of English football in late 1980s and money were the main reasons behind PL’s foundation. Late 1980’s was a difficult period for English football as stadiums were crumbling, violence in stadiums was rising. In addition English clubs were banned from European competition for five years after Heysel stadium disaster in 1985. EFL was behind from other European leagues in attendance and revenues.

This made change in system necessary. During 1980’s major clubs of English football started transforming in business ventures to maximize revenues. Manchester united, Everton, Tottenham Hotspurs and Arsenal were among the top leaders in this transformation. To increase the power and revenue, top clubs threatened to break away from the league. They succeeded and begged 50% share of income. By the beginning of 1990’s, big clubs again considered breaking away for EFL. This time they also had fund for the upgradation of stadiums.

In 1990 managing director of London weekend television, Greg Dyke met with representatives of “BIG 5” for establishing Premier league, but they required backing of The football association (the governing body of English football). Luckily The FA didn’t have good relationship with football league so they agreed and released a report in June 1991 which supported the idea of Premier league.


At the close of 1990-91 season, a proposal was tabled to create a new league that would bring more money into the English football. The idea was to make English clubs compete with teams across the Europe. The newly formed league was given commercial independence from The FA and EFL. Even though Dyke played a significant role in establishment of PL, he and his company lost out in the bidding for broadcast rights to Sky.

In 1992 resigned from football league and on 27th may of same year The FA Premier league was formed as a limited company. 22 clubs from football league joined the PL including big clubs like Arsenal, Manchester united, Liverpool, Leeds, Everton, Tottenham hotspurs etc.

It broke up the 104 years old football league that had operated till then with four divisions. Now PL would operate as top tier league and and football league with bottom three divisions. The competition format was not changed and the rules and regulations of promotion and regulations were adopted from football league as it is.

The first season was help in 1992-93 with 22 clubs. The first ever PL goal was scored by Brian Deane of Sheffield united. Sheffield united won the match by 2-1 against Manchester united.

So that was the brief history of Premier league. If you want watch the new season in India, tune in to star sports select.