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As of today, the 13th of Aug is celebrated as the day to recognize 10% of the overall population as being the left-handed one.

So every one of us has been around the person who uses his left hand just like most of us do with our right, But most often this question do swarms that what makes them do it with their left hand and what is that makes them different from us in the field of creativity, intuition and many more fields like these?

To know more and also to celebrate this day, the article will take you through many facts terms and everything about the start to end on this day about left-handed peoples.


Why we have chosen this day of 13th Aug to celebrate the uniqueness of left-handed is still a mystery to many of us, so to clear the clouds here we go with its first-ever appearance.

Lefthanders International Inc. founder Dean R Campbell first observed the day in 1976 to showcase the sinister and their advantages and disadvantages.


Handedness is the use of any side of your hand which a person prefers moreover another side for doing any task.

This is just not about how you can prefer any side it’s mostly related to which side of your brain is more active, fast, and stronger resulting in the opposite side of the hand working faster.

According to the researchers, left-handed people are epigenetic which means their DNA has inherited extra information apart from the standard or basic inheritance from the environment around them or the physical factors around them too.

The fallacy of Smartness:

Many of us think that being left-handed means they will be smarter than any of the right-handed, I mean this is a given, not to pop up your bubble but the researchers think differently.

According to the study on a large number of data and people, they have concluded that they can not make a visible difference every time with different left-handed and right-handed person in this case of smartness, as both of them all around have performed same only when put into the situation or given the task.

NO, Not an anomaly!!

Before these ’20s people used to think of left-handed as an anomaly and they were forced to use their right hand, as at that time this was a rare of rare condition to happen.

And now they are considered as the brainy ones but apart from this the functioning of left-handed is indeed different from the right-handed and being only 10% of the population do add up in their special card.

Creativity and Communication at their Feet!!

We don’t know for sure if they are smart than right-handed ones or not but what we have seen is they are better in communication, more confidant with their memorizing power and also they got the knack for productivity, creativity and also taking things with a different way of the view.


We celebrate this day not just to celebrate the lefties but to also acknowledge the struggle of the lefties in the world for right-handed people as most of the things around us are made by keeping right-handed people in mind.

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