Soil less farming: Hydroponics System

World’s population is increasing day by day, consequently need of food is also increased. We have to apply modern technologies to the Agricultural sector for assured and high yield for fulfilling the need of food. Hydroponics system is one of the modern approach of farming.

What is Hydroponics:

Hydroponics is a system where instead of soil liquid nutrient mixture is used for cultivation. It is also known as soil less farming. It is one of the best way of smart farming.

Types of Hydroponics:

A. Standing aerated nutrient solution or Deep water culture system ( DWC)

B. Nutrient film techniques (NFT)

Benefits of Hydroponics System:

  • As there is no soil, so there is no chances of soil borne disease infection in the crop.
  • Water usage is also very lower than traditional method.
  • High productivity than traditional method.
  • In hydroponics system under controlled climate crops are grown, so there is no chance of any pest or disease attack.
  • Wastage of nutrient is very less in case of hydroponics system.
  • Through hydroponics system off seasonal crops can be cultivated all over the year.

Best plants that can be cultivated in hydroponics system:

TomatoLettuce Radish


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