Television and Video Games are Corrupting the Minds of Youngs.

Mankind has a great history of inventions, and one of it’s greatest inventions were ‘Television’. This word is well known to us. Entertainment was the major reason for the invention of television, but it’s said “Every coin has two sides” even television has its demerits.

Viewing television has become a popular culture and every one enjoys it. One of the most used technological commodity ,has become a threatening problem for the today’s youth. It is Corrupting the young minds and leading them to dark future. The young mind’s are not able to sense the negative impact of this entertainment gadget.

Watching television is waste of time. Youth’s are not able to distinguish between good and bad content for their minds. Most of the programmes casted on the television illustrates distruction, violence, sex , bullying and many other negative things. Young minds are brainstormed in such a way that they try to implement the depicted things in their real life.

Watching crime shows influence the young mind in a negative way as they are not able to pick up the positive aspects of it. Psychologically the wrongdoer is shown in a good light and this in turn encourages the youth to get inspired from them lead them to actually becoming a criminal.

Now days television shows comes with variations like drama, comedy, suspense and many other. The show producers are minting money out of the illogical shows and destroying the young minds imagination. They are detached from the reality and are made to believe and imagine what they show is correct, superstition are also encouraged. Gradually the people get addictive to this type of content and the imaginative power, IQ level is reduced to nothing. Hence Roald Dahl has rightly said,” It clots the child’s mind, it makes the mind as soft as cheese.”

Television are not the only component that corrupts the youth’s mind but video games are one of them. In this modern generation not only an adult but also children know how to used different electronic devices. Video games are basically a person’s imagination which they make them into reality through technology. These games make a person’s mind habitual to play it. Their minds are completely focused in this unreal world that they forget they have a real world, which in turn make them less social and creates a lonely environment. They lose their interest in other important things like studying, etc.

Author John Leo has explained that ” Children who are heavy viewers of television are more aggressive”. Watching television and playing video games makes a person prone to obesity and mental disorders and affects their personality. So we should take care before it’s too late , as they say “Prevention is better than cure.”