Why can I survive without all my organs?

It is a no-brainer that you need your brain and your heart, hurtand you wouldn’t last long if your liver failed.

But the lungs and Kidneys come in pairs, so you could survive if one of them failed. People who have lost their spleens in accidents have gone on to live healthy lives. The tonsils and appendix, meanwhile, are practically useless and are routinely removed when they become inflamed.

Why are some body parts pointless?

Called “vestigial” organs, this useless body parts are leftovers from our evolutionary ancestors, who actually needed them. Take your wisdom teeth, for example.Today crowd our mouth and often need to get yanked by the dentist, but our primate ancestors had larger jaws and needed the extra choppers in case some rotted away in the days before tartar-control toothpaste. Our tailbone – or coccyx – is a leftover from animals that needed tails for balance or grasping branches.

Why do we have eyebrows?

Humans have evolved to become less hairy in the past six million years or so, but we still have those clumps of fur above our eyes.Beyond their role in facial expressions, eyebrows act like natural sweatbands, preventing rain and sweat from running directly into our eyes.

Why do we have nipples?

They were there even before you were even born. Human embryos in the womb develop according to a blueprint that’s design for males and females. Eventually, the embryo begin to take on features specific to their gender, but not until after they have already developed nipples. Later in life, chemicals called hormones trigger changes in females so that they can nurse their young. Males don’t have those hormones, so they are stuck with nipples that are nothing more than chest accessories. Other than a few exceptions ( mice, platypuses, stallions), most male mammals have nipples. Nipples don’t cause males any harm, which is probably why evolution hasn’t given them the ol’ heave – ho.

Why do people get goosebumps?

Like youryou are wisdom teeth and your tailbone, goose bumps serve no purpose in modern humans. They are created by itty-bitty muscles in our hair follicles, which raise the bumps as a reflex reaction sudden drop in temperature or feelings of panic, or anger, or extreme fear. Goosebumps fluffed up the body hair of our much furrier ancestors to help trap heat or make them look larger to threatening animals. Today, goose bumps just make you look like you need to borrow a sweater.

Why do we have a belly button?

For the same reason dolphinsthe same reason dolphins, cats, dogs, bats, and other “placental mammals ” – animals nourished inside their mothers before birth – have navels. In other words, you can thank your mother for that link connector on your stomach. Before you were born, when you were still developing in the womb, you were hooked up to your life – support system through a special code that plugged into your navel. Through this “umbilical cord “, you received food and oxygen and passed waste. The day you were born, you let out a cry and began breathing on your own. That let the doctor know he or she could cut off the umbilical cord, leaving you with a belly button as a souvenir. Whether it’s an “innie” or an “outie,” we all have one !

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