Book review: A novel: It ends with us

BOOK:- It ends with us

AUTHOR:- Colleen Hoover

GENRES:- It is a standalone contemporary romance novel, fiction.

RELEASE DATE:- 2nd August, 2016.

ADAPTATIONS:- It ends with us (play) and It ends with us (movie).

MAIN CHARACTERS:- Lily Bloom ( female protagonist), Ryle Kincaid ( Lily’s husband, a surgeon) & Atlas Corrigan ( Lily’s teenage love interest, a homeless boy later owner of a restraunt). And many supporting characters like Lily’s father, her mother, ryle’s sister, his sister’s husband, ryle’s mother.

Fifteen seconds, That’s all it takes to completely change everything about a person. Fifteen seconds that we’ll never get back.”

– Line said by the protagonist Lily in the book.


The book starts with introducing the female protagonist Lily Bloom. Lily is a twenty-three year old business graduate. She has grown up in an abusive family where her father was usually abusive towards her mother. At the age of fifteen she fell in love with Atlas, a eighteen year old homeless boy from her neighbourhood. She cares for Atlas. She loved him so much. But he left her promising to come to her when he will join military. She was all alone at this time but she didn’t loose hope. She left her past life and started her own flower business in Boston.

In Boston, she met Ryle, a neurosurgeon and soon fall in love with him. But he was not ready to be in a relationship and they parted their ways. After six months, Lily hired an employee named Allysa, who was Ryle’s sister. After many encounters Ryle finally realised that he can’t live without Lily so decided to marry her. Everything was perfect, the romance between Ryle and Lily was increasing day by day. One day Ryle decided to meet Lily and her mother, there she encounters Atlas, and was not able to control her feelings, which was not loves by Ryle for sure. Slowly he started to abuse her,Whenever he can. Lily always told herself that she was not like her mother and Ryle was not like her father.

She started to live with Ryle and she found a deep dark past of Ryle and was shocked. His behaviour towards Lily was being more and more abusive day by day until one day when he can’t control himself and almost raped her. She asked Atlas help in that situation and found that she was pregnant. She doesn’t know whether to love Ryle or hate him for his behaviour. After two months she witnessed a knock on her door and she was sacred to find that he was none other than Ryle. He told her that he just came to talk to her and he did so, but she wasn’t happy with it. She missed him. But also she cannot forget what he did to her. And the story continues how ryle’s sister and Lily’s mother help her, how she allowed Ryle to be with her in her pregnancy dates, how she told Ryle what she felt about him.


Overall the book is just beyond fabulous The characters, the narration and everything seems to be perfect. I personally loved the character of Lily and Atlas. Lily’s strong decision and ability to do justice to herself and her daughter was remarkable. The narration was so strong that you will personally think of yourself in the characters place.

Firstly while reading the book I thought it will be just an average but as soon the book started every single page hooked me to read more and more. Especially I loved the narration it was just awesome. The character of Lily was so very incredible. Atlas has great chemistry with Lily like after so long they had the same feelings for each other.

This is the must read book though sometimes the story didn’t bother me but it was such a great piece of writing that can’t be expressed in words. I hadn’t given the spoiler because it would be far better to read and enjoy it at the same time.