Historical mysteries unlikely to be answered

There are a lot of unexplained things in the world. A lot of questions about history which needs to be answered but due to lack of evidence they might always be left unexplained.

Below is the list of few of those incidents.

Where is Cleopatra’s tomb?

Historians believe that Cleopatra and her lover Mark were buried together in the same tomb after their deaths. It was believed that the tomb was located near the temple of Egyptian goddess; Isis. It was also said that the monument was filled with treasures like ruby, gold etc. Except this no other information was found on the tomb. An excavation was done in 2010 near Alexandria which revealed the tombs dated back to the era in which Cleopatra ruled but her tomb was not among them.

Who was Jack the ripper?

Jack the Ripper, was the name given to the famous serial killer of London in 1888 who mutilated five woman in the same pattern. Following those incidents a number of letters were send to the police taunting their failed efforts at finding him. The letter was written by Jack the ripper and hence the origin of that name. Some experts even believed that it might not even be Jack who sent those letters. Needless to say the authorities could never find the real Jack. Dozen of arrests were made but none of them held enough evidence to conduct a trial. A book even stated that it was actually a woman named Lizzie Williams who was behind those murders but there was no proof for that. Over a century later and yet this remains one of the biggest mysteries of the world. Our infamous killer however inspired a lot of media works to write books or feature the similar incident in series.

Does the city of Atlantis exist?

Greek philosopher Plato talked about a land named Atlantis which supposedly was situated in Atlantic Ocean. It was even stated to be larger than Asia. In the texts it is stated that the Athenians attacked Atlantis causing it to sink deep in the ocean. Most scholar believe that this was a myth invented by Plato but some speculate that it could be inspired by the events of the Greek history. One such event talks of Minoan civilization which was on an island in Mediterranean and was destroyed during the eruption of a volcano. It seems that this particular city will remain a myth as nothing has been found about it. This doesn’t deter the people from drawing their own theories and conspiracies about it.

Where is the Ark of Covenant?

After the attack of Babylonian army on Jerusalem, first temple; building used by Jews to worship God was destroyed. Ark of Covenant with tablets recording ten commandments was kept here and disappeared. Some say that it was taken by Babylon, others think it was hidden before the city was captured. Many stories came out after it. Some saying that it found its way to Ethiopia, while some even think that divine powers hid it and it will only be revealed at the arrival of messiah however this question is unlikely to be answered anytime soon.

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