Some Golden Thought and Why?

Don’t Promise , When you are happy . Don’t Reply , When you are angry. Don’t decide , When you are sad.

It is said that time and dicision are the two most important factor in life and should be taken care of .They not only determine the quality of our lives but also help in bettering them and teach us valuable lessons in life . Life is nothing but an assembly of uneven spaces , events and lessons.

We should not promise someone in a hurry and in excitement because it can let you in trouble .For instance whenever are so happy there won’t be any balance of emotion to ensure our decision and anger is never good in any situation,and we should also avoid being angry.This will not only ruin the situation but also make things worse for us in the future.Similarly, we should not decide anything when we are sad or created a sad mindset for something.

Concludes that balance of emotion is quite essential to ensure dicision making in every sphere of life.

Everything will workout in the end , you don’t need to know how , you just have to trust that it will,Never let a bad situation bring out the worst in you .Be strong and choose to be positive.

Things always have a way of working out because your problems are temporary and don’t judge your life based on your current circumstances since, this is one facet of it .Instead of dwelling on unfortune conditions see them as obstacles that provide inner wisdom and personal growth.

Mistakes are very painful ,when they happen , but years later a collection of mistake is what is called experience.

As we all know that mistakes give us immense pain but we doesn’t realise that these mistakes are going to help us in future .The experience which we will get from mistake will always help us to choose right path for us as well as we can give advice to others on the basis of experience .So, we can say that mistakes gives us experience and that will help us to lead success in future.

Instead of worrying about what you cannot control, shift your energy to what you can create.

It is habit of humans that instead of working on our strengh ,we generally worry about its result but we should not do this .Instead of thinking about result we should shift our energy towards our work.

Enjoy the little things, in life for one day you will look back and realise they were the big things.

Once you take a moment to appreciate an act of kindness coming from someone you love or a person you don’t even know , you’ll become more aware of your belonging to a community of people who care about each other. This type of positive emotion has been linked to physical health as well . These emotions simply help people to cope with difficult situations.

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