I was a bit apprehensive to watch this movie, in regards to its premise. I was under the influence that this would play out to be another musical drama, and while I have enjoyed a few of those I don’t particularly look forward to seeing them. But this turned out to be a whole new experience.

This movie is primarily about coping with the loss of hearing. The movie does an excellent job of portraying the actual emotional state of a person who lost their hearing. The first half of the movie is extremely emotional and I was always on the verge of tears during this time. The movie dives in deep with its characters, each scene being very purposeful and well thought out which helps its emotional tone. The movie is able to convey an immense amount of emotion with very little dialogue. I also thought the screenplay by Darius and Abraham Marder was a very solid one, though I usually prefer fast-paced movies this one benefits from its intentionally drawn-out scenes and I never really got bored throughout the movie.

The sound mixing in this movie is truly unique and audacious. Not only in the sense that it helps the audience to know what our protagonist is going through but just in general, everything just feels so raw and palpable. The editing also helps in telling a good cohesive story. Everyone in this movie is great, with Riz Ahmed especially giving a stand-out performance but even Olivia Cooke is able to stand her own.

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