Brihadishvara temple, also called Rajarajeswaram or peruvudaiyar kovil, is an Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in south Bank of cauvery River in Thajore,Tamil Nadu,India. The closest airport are Thiruchirappalli and Madurai and closest seaport is the karaikal port.

How was Thanjavur Temple built?

Built on the banks of the river cauvery, where the water was diverted to the moat,this temple is made entirely to granite,and it stands tall amidst fortified walls .

5000 elephants were used for this temple construction. It took 30 years for the completion of the construction and all the worker’s name,the prime sculptor to water boy,are carved on the stones. It took five years to take an 80000 kg stone from the floor to the top of the temple.

This temple is fully constructed with the balance to the gravity of the earth. Only one stone is used to make the Nandi of the temple and it is the second largest in India. Another interesting fact about its architecture is that the vimana (tower above the sanctum sanctorum) of the temple does not cast a shadow at noon.

Speciality of Thanjavur Temple

The temple has massive colonnaded prankara (corridor) and one of the largest Shiva lingas in India. It is also farmed for the quality of sculpture as well as being the location that commissioned the brass nataraja -shiva as the lord of Dance,in 11th century.

Thanjavur Temple related to Tamil letters

The height of the lingam in the sanctum of the temple is 12 feet which is equal to the number of Tamil vowels. The height of the linga pedestal is 18 feet which is equal to the number of Tamil consonants. The height of the temple gopuram is 216 feet which is equal to the number of consonant-vowels. The distance between the lingam in the sanctum of the temple and the Nandi (Bull) is 247 feet which is equal to the total number of Tamil characters.

Things to buy in Thanjavur

○ Silk weaves.

○ Thanjavur paintings.

○ Dancing dolls .

○ Traditional crafts.

Dancing Dolls

Thanjavur is also well known for thalaiyatti bommai nodding dolls made of clay. They come in different colors and shapes and slightest brush of breeze makes their heads go up and down. These dancing dolls not only make for a great souvenir but also give you a sneak-peek into Thanjavur artistic talents.

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