According to Greek mythology, Pandora was the first ever women created by Zeus as a punishment for humankind after Prometheus stole fire for human use. Zeus then asked all the other gods and goddesses to shower gifts on her. She was also presented with a jar which contained all the evils & illness which she was not suppose to open. However she couldn’t resist the urge to open the container which resulted in unleashing evils into the world. Then onwards Pandora box signifies as the origin of troubles or complications. Morden generation criticised the myth an example of misogyny.


What does halpodiploid sex determination means? This type of sex determination is scene in honey bees. I’m this the sex of an individual is determined by the number of set of chromosomes received. An offspring formed from the the union of sperm and an egg developed into a female (queen or worker) and the unfertilized egg is developed into a male by parthenogenesis, which implies males have half the number of chromosomes that of a female. The female gets differentiated on the basis of food they consume during the development. The female that consumes royal jelly grows into a queen bee and others developes into a worker bees(sterile). The males produces sperms by mitosis so they do not have father and thus cannot have son’s but have a grandfather and can have grandsons.


Do you know that it’s possible to live without stomach? Let’s understand how; suppose a person is having a stomach cancer the recommended treatment would be partial or total removal of stomach termed as gastrectomy. When a person’s stomach is removed completely the esophagus is directly connected to intestine. A person is advised to consume a lot of calories in small bites/meals more times a day to prevent weight loss. A person may experience Dumping Syndrome (experience of nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, sweats) as the the work of stomach is transfer to intestine, so a person is suggested to sit upright after having their food for sometime. It is difficult to adjust to changes but this is how a human tendency to survive.