The Severance of Unity

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The partition which happened in 1947 still after 75 years at this day of 15th Aug it gets our wound fresh with lots of stories memories and whatnot.

The fear, the uncertainty of again getting dependent on the system which will always give preference based on caste and many things led the thrive of this separation based on a separate electorate for Muslims.

Further, the boundaries and territorial distance of two provinces freshly separated was figured out and we were officially separated on the 14th and 15th of August in 1947.

This Separation left many families ajar, torn, and many wounds that were inflicted for a lifetime, leaving an impact for the generations to come.

Today while we are celebrating the joy of 75 years of Independence, we are also ought to mourn the loss of the families separated during the separation, tears of many for the heart wrecking separation from their loved ones.

Last Minute Mechanism

According to this, the Britishers were able to control our India for the very last minute and giving us the scar for many more years to take on.

Many views are there that suggest that this division and partition was always there even before the 1940s as they were afraid of the political dominance of Hindus that was 80% of the total population over other people.

This Divide and Rule policy of Britishers was made to interest the group, which we’re willing to collaborate with this policy and securing a unitary position for them.

The Legacy which killed and Displaced

After many years of sacrifices and many fights, India got the much-desired independence but it was not the independence only but the start of yet another blood bath where many were tortured, many was killed and many even didn’t make it to their family during the biggest migration that took place.

After the partition of India and Pakistan, many Hindus and Sikhs started to move apart and Muslims too started to move to their respective nation.

Many communities started attacking each other in the terrifying sectarian violence, many casualties took place and millions of people were left without home and family.

Partition Remembrance Day

The partition and its haunting memories can never go down just in pages in history as the deep wound it has on several families either some in that part or some in this part can never be unseen and undo.

To remember our sorrow and joy after 74 years the honorable Prime Minister Modi Ji decided to mourn the 14th of August as the Partition Horror Remembrance Day to always remember the sacrifices of people and their pain.

Many Hindus and Sikhs fled the provinces of the newly made provinces of Pakistan to save their life but a few were able to touch the border of India alive, many also survived the brutal rapes when migrating for their homeland.


Before Muslim and Hindu, we all were a part of our mother India, we all were struggling together for the gift of freedom then how just the fear of something very absurd can make humans so thirsty for the blood of another human in the name of fear, couldn’t they feel the pain they were inflicting on other.

A big loss and a sorrowful ending of brotherhood was all this partition brought on us

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