You can win

By- Shiv Khera

Hello readers.

Looking for the positivity does not necessarily mean overlooking faults. being a positive thinker does not mean one has to agree or accept everything. It only means that a person is solution-focused.

Shiv Khera

This book was recommended to me. I had high hopes on it that it will be as good as they said. And it turned true. It is one of the wonderful life-changing books. This book defines success. It gives us solutions to come from failure to success. Its easy language of description makes it easier to grasp the concepts

This book helps increase self confidence and achieve great goals in life. It gives a lot more inspiration for businesses related people. The book contains small basic stories, quotes in between and action plan at the end of every chapter to let you know about yourself.The perfect balance of professional & personal development can be maintained on reading & understanding this book.

Under Adverse conditions – some people break down,some break records

Shiv Khera

A practical, common sense guide that will help you:
· Build confidence by mastering the seven steps to positive thinking
· Be successful by turning weaknesses into strengths
· Gain credibility by doing the right things for the right reasons
· Take charge by controlling things instead of letting them control you
· Build trust by developing mutual respect with people around you
· Accomplish more by removing the barriers to effectiveness

Motivation is like fire—unless you keep adding fuel to it, it dies. Your fuel is your belief in your inner values.

Shiv Khera

This book is totally worth every minute you spend on reading it. It’s even worth every penny you spend on it. It keeps you motivated. Hunger for positivity increases. This book is truly recommended to those who wish to change themselves for a better version of themselves.

Like I say : Reading books is magic, it makes you live hundreds of lives in a single one. Or atleast that’s what I believe. Hopefully this book will have an impact and magic you are/ were waiting for. I’ll take a leave.

And Thanks. 😇

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