A new way: Startups

Startups wow….. The newest way to an innovative world. Startups can be the most appropriate option for today’s world. Startups create job opportunities with better knowledge, technique, skill and experience. We can say these things provide a perfect balance for a good startup. Earlier startup was not seen as a career objective because there is high risk and no surity that the individual will succeed. But when people realised that there is so much competition and it’s almost impossible for any government to provide a secured job to every individual, start-ups came into existence . Startup does not need a qualified degree. It can be a group of people of village or an MBA individual. It’s just that one must have the passion to do it. Startups are employment creators and as we are seeing in the world the problem of unemployment, population crisis, lack of jobs people are thinking about it. People are accepting the fact that starups can be proved as a game changer in any economy. The youth is taking interest and participating into the startup programs and enhancing their skills. Not only the youth, there is a section which is neglected and that section is of our senior citizens. Yes u read it right senior citizens , they are in the habit of doing a particular job for a long period of time and once they get retired they can’t accept the fact mentally. They are in habit of doing something. Startups can be a good way to utilise their knowledge and experience. Start-ups makes an individual to be a boss of your own and who doesn’t like it. A tea seller who is selling tea is also doing a startup and a businessman too is doing the startup. By this we can say that startup not only creates employment opportunities but also eliminates the feeling of being superior. Any individual from any background can start his startup. It’s like a dream to come true and you are not being judged by the society at that time.

The world is looking towards India in the field of start-ups. The government is also understanding the need of startups and they have launched many schemes and loans for the people to do their own startup. Startup makes an individual self reliant and self dependent. Startup also develops communication and leadership skills to deal with the outside world with your own thoughts and ideas. A platform for a person to prove himself that nothing is greater than knowledge. If you have the correct guidance and passion you can do your work with complete devotion and that’s what startup is.

Hope you will like reading the article and encourage yourselves!!! Thank you

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