Mini Movie Review|It touched the hearts but not the brains

A character played by Kirti Sanon personifies surrogacy through Mimi who was aspired to chase her dreams but couldn’t fulfill it.

Nothing like you are expecting!!

Cast: Kirti Sanon, Pakaj Tripathi, Sai Tamhankar, Supriya Pathak, Manoj Pahwa

Director: Laxman Utekar

In a patriarchal society like India, women have always been under the umbrella of the community. It’s barely seen in the families who support a girl’s dream and accept her to be a dancer.

The movie begins with the introduction of a foreign couple who came to India in the search of a surrogate. After long hours of work, they were finally able to find a girl with the help of the driver (a role played by Pankaj Tripathi) in a hotel. Mimi(the girl) was a dancer and getting influenced by its flexibility they decided to offer her 20 lakhs to be the surrogate. Being an ambitious 25-year old woman agrees to take the risk for the same of becoming a famous Bollywood actress. She decides to live at her friend’s house by convincing the parents saying, she is going to a film shoot. With the required procedure, Mimi becomes the surrogate, and for the first four months, she was having a good time with the pregnancy. However, after eight months tests revealed that the baby is suffering from some mental disorder. This news outraged the couple and they decided not to accept the baby after birth and told Mimi to abort. This became the turning point in her life. She sacrificed all her dreams by deciding to give birth to the child and raise him. Later, the couple returned to her after 2 years when they came to know that the baby was born healthy. Mimi refused to give the child back and in the end, they decided to adopt a girl.


  • A girl is also born with a dream and her character is not decided with what she pursues but what she is.
  • The support of family is crucial in the darkest times. Mimi faced all the criticisms from society but her parents never let her alone and accepted her as she was.
  • Killing is not an option. It’s not the fault of a child to be born unhealthy.
  • One loyal friend is more important than a group of unloyal ones. The driver and the friend were with Mimi till the end, helping her go through all the difficulties with a smile.

Every coin has two sides. Even though the movie won the hearts of the audience, it faced several criticisms like not following the laws related to a sensitive topic of surrogacy, using the term casually, and disrespect towards the decision of abortions.

It played with the emotions well, yet failed to manipulate the thoughts.