Nostalgic Nightmares


Dreams and Psychology

“Dreams are as simple or as complicated as dreamers.” The interpretations of the dreams are the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind. The theories state that dreams don’t mean anything. These are just images put in by the brain from the memories. These are the stimulants that help one face the tragedies of life. As it’s truly said, “an individual suffers more in imagination than in reality” proves in this situation. Before facing it in person if a being conquers it in the dreams, then it will encourage him to win easily in real life. Its history goes back to the early stages when it was used as a tool to fool enemies because though our bodies get paralyzed while dreaming minds stay active. There is a whole psychology behind the dream theory and an explanation of why we dream in the way we do?

You dream, what you believe!!

Interesting Facts

“I always dream about falling from great heights.” It symbolizes that something in your life isn’t well. It might mean you need to rethink a choice or consider a new direction in some areas of life. It characterizes fear in existence, perhaps falling in work or love. It often expresses a need to let go and enjoy more. 

“I was attacked by a chaser in my dream.” These types can be quite terrifying. It might indicate a desire to escape from your fears. Running away from an animal often depicts that you are hiding from your anger, passions and other feelings. If your pursuer is mysterious, it represents childhood trauma. And if a person is of opposite sex then it reveals that you are haunted by love or past relationships.

“I died, no not in real….in my sleep.” Death is a very common subject of dreams. People imagine death either of loved ones or about themselves. It reflects anxiety about a change. Just like death, change can be scary. Those approaching the end of life and loved ones around them experience significant and meaningful dreams, often relating to a confronting presence, preparing to go, watching or engaging with the deceased, loved ones waiting, distressing experiences, and unfinished business. 

 “I flew like a bird while dreaming.” It can be liberating at the same time, quite frightening. It can represent two sides. One, independence and freedom. On the other hand, escape from the realities of life. 

There are a lot of things that influence dreams. The first thing includes health conditions that affect the secretions of the brain causing sleep to disrupt. The type of food one intakes can also become the factor for the feeling of sickness and in turn affect the types of dreams one visualize. Daily exercises and a little change in daily activities can help improve sleep and at last the dreams. There are two ways to remember dreams; one by telling yourself that you want to remember them when you wake up and the other by grasping as many images as you can before getting out of bed or using a smartphone.

Dreams are more profound when they seem the craziest. “Life is only a dream and we are the imagination of  ourselves.”