Six unfigured places on Earth

Most of us always wanted to explore the Outer-space to discover various unique planets or Aliens, but have we ever wondered that our planet Earth holds many unexplainable secrets that even scientists couldn’t able to explain. There are many Mysterious places on our planet which we have to still figure out, and those places are:- 

Devil’s Kettle Falls

Photo Credit : MN Trips

There is a place in the United States of America called by the name Minnesota which is known for this mysterious waterfall which is known as Devil’s Kettle Falls. This Waterfall has been puzzling the scientist, geologists and Hikers for many decades because as it looks like an average waterfall that drops about 800 feet of water but the interesting part about this waterfall has two different bodies of falling water. One side of the body of waterfalls on Lake Superior and the other one falls straight into a huge natural hole in the ground, where this water lead is still a mystery. Many researchers or curious people who visited this place has poured many items like dye, sticks, ping pong balls and even logs into the kettle but one of them found any trace of a thing in the water or the nearby area. 


Photo Credit : Olympus Europa

It is a unique prehistoric monument on Salisbury Plain located in Wiltshire, England, two miles (3 km) away from the west of Amesbury. It is considered to be one of the architecturally sophisticated and only surviving lintel led stone circles in the world. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, Stonehenge was constructed in six stages between 3000 and 1520 BCE. Nowadays we have machines that can help us lift heavy materials to build huge buildings and monuments, but back in those days when Stonehenge was built no one had access to this type of technology. Many questions are arising that how can anyone have lifted stones weighing anywhere from four to thirty-seven tons and also that why were they doing this, archaeologists have come up with plenty of theories to explain this phenomenon some guessed that the men who built Stonehenge used a system of sledges rollers and boats others hypothesized that it was built with a weighted levy system well many of these guesses seem to make sense to a certain extent to this day no one has a definitive answer.

The Hessdalen Lights

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This is an unidentified light which are 12 kilometres long located in a Hessdalen valley in rural central Norway. The residents of Hestia land valley Norway have to live with this burning question every single night it has to Lin Valley brightly coloured lights appear in the sky in different colours and shapes for the last four decades and possibly longer. This phenomenon has continued to puzzle scientists, according to some theories these lights could be caused by a nearby radioactive lake emitting particles that light up in the air as they evaporate other scientists think that the base of the valley contains a lot of sulfuric acids when it comes into contact with the water it causes sparks to appear in the sky even though there are many different guesses as to why this town gets their very own light show every night scientists still haven’t come up with a definitive answer.

The Boiling River in the Amazon

Photo Credit : Wonderopolis

In the Amazon forests lies a floating river in the forested region of my Mayantuyacu that boasts temperatures so hot that any person or animal that falls into it boils alive from the inside out. This river runs at an unbelievable 196 degrees Fahrenheit dang that’s hot locals used the water to brew tea and sometimes they cook with it well this river’s high temperature is incredibly intriguing what makes this natural phenomenon a mystery is a fact that no one can figure out what makes the water so hot. According to geophysicist Adres Ruzo, boiling waters are typically attached to an active volcano or magmatic system like the boiling River Trail in Yellowstone National Park in the US but in the town of my Mayantuyacu, there are no active volcanoes within 400 miles. Over the centuries residents of this town believed that the river had magical healing powers and used it spiritually and medicinally. Ruzo guesses that hot geothermal waters pour in from cracks in the earth heating the temperature of the river but this has yet to be scientifically proven. 

Movile Cave

Photo Credit : Britannica.

There’s a place on earth with its ecosystem and atmosphere similar to another planet well the name of that place is movile cave which is located in the southeastern part of Romania remain closed in complete darkness for approximately 5.5 million years. It wasn’t until workers discovered the cave when they were looking for a place to build that anyone learned about it scientists carved out an opening to the cave and found that a completely sustained ecosystem was thriving inside as a pathway was carved through the rock past numerous tunnels. Scientists found a lake of sulfuric water that stinks, the air was filled with hydrogen sulfide and had 100 times more carbon dioxide than Earth’s air contains needless to say this air is completely toxic what’s even crazier is that a whole ecosystem has been existing in this cave with 33 species that can’t be found anywhere else on earth this cave gives us a glimpse of what could exist on other planets with completely different atmospheres how it managed to exist on earth all this time is still a question. 

Circles of Namibia

Photo Credit : Science

Namibian deserts are full of elephants, snakes, antelope and also hundreds of evenly placed circles which makes the mysterious part of this desert, this brutally hot desert is home to a vast array of wildlife but even more interesting are the fields of grass with evenly spaced holes and now these circles are almost perfect and range anywhere from 10 to 65 feet in diameter many scientists have offered up theories as to why these circles appear instead of other more random shapes. In 2013 environmental scientist Norbert Juergens hypothesized that termites were the cause of these circles but like all the hypotheses that came before his, it was later disproved.

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