” stethoscope is only jewellery that can’t be earned by money. It can only be earned by passion and hard work “

A stethoscope is used to hear the heart beats sounds, sound due to inhalation and exhalation of air in the lungs and the respiratory pathways and also the stomach movements. It is a very useful diagnostic tool to help localize problems  and to diagnose disease.

Stethoscope are also used along with the sphygmomanometer. The first usable binaural stethoscope was invented in 1855.

The modern electronic stethoscope are high precisioned instruments. These  can be used to hear a patient’s heart and lungs clearly even in high noisy environments and even through layers of clothing.

The electronic stethoscope also make it possible to hear the foetal sounds in mother’s womb.


☆ Stethoscope helps in find normal (lub-dub) versus abnormal heart sounds ( heart murmurs) and also to diagnose valve functions.

☆ Stethoscope can indicate fluid in lungs in case of pneumonia and pulmonary edema. It can diagnose airway diseases like bronchitis and pleuritis.

☆ Stethoscope are also used to compare the movements in the normal versus overactive or underactive intestinal tract.

” Wherever the art of medicine is

loved, there is also a love of humanity”

~ Hippocrotes

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