Top 5 crocodiles that are famous for their attacks

Crocodiles a huge creature indeed. And when this creature attacks then the scenerio is probably the deadliest. But these creatures have attacked not once or twice but uncountable times on humans. Here are 5 famous attacks of crocodiles, which will definitely give you goosebumps. They are known to kill 1000 people per year.

1) Gustave

Gustave a large male Nile crocodile from Burundi. He is regarded as man-eater and is rumoured to kill more than 300 people from the banks of the Ruzizi river and northern shores of Lake Tanganyika. He was greatly feared by the people. His age was approximately 65-66 years and he has a massive weight of 900kg.

2) Ricky Ganya- A teen who was eaten alive

In 2020, Ricky Ganya a teen who was just 14 years old, when this terrifying creature arrived, clawed and jumped on the boy and dragged him underwater. Boy’s aunt wittnessed the horrific incident and called for help. The emergency service help arrived but all in vain the deadly creature had fled with the boy.

They used chicken to lure the 14ft crocodile out of the water and then his stomach was checked where sadly the human remains of this missing teen was found.

3) Consumed whole

In June 2020, a woman named Fatimah, 45 was fishing in a river in north Kalimantan, Indonesia when she was attacked by the monsterous reptile. Her friends wittnessed the incident and heard the horrifying scream of Fatimah as the reptile dragged her underwater.

The next day this giant 19 foot long giant crocodile was caught by the angry residents. They cut opened the stomach of the giant croc and remove the limbs of the victim. Her head and other parts were later found nearby after been discarded by the massive croc.

4) Monster who fed upon 80 people

A 16ft, 75 years old beast named osama got his name after the notorious terrorist behind 9/11 attack. The reptile reign of terror took place from 1991-2005. This beast wiped out a tenth of the village’s population. According to reports,the beast would emerge from Lake Victoria, Africa’s largest lake to snatch kids and swim beneath fishing boats purposely to capture then. It bought a great terror among villagers.

Paul narrated that he and his brother was fishing. He was rowing the boat while his brother Peter was fishing from the front when osama arrived and snatched his brother. Peter was screaming from pain and for help he hold his brother and for five minutes they fought until Paul heard a tearing sound. Paul added that Peter shouted that he has broken his leg then he let go his brother and he was dragged by the monster into the water. A few days later Peter’s head and arms were found.

5) Dad’s attempt to save his son

On 3rd March 2021, Dimas mulkan a 8 year old boy was the victim of the massive 26ft crocodile.

The little boy was fishing with his father, when he strayed further from the shore where this massive croc suddenly jumped on him in Tempakul river, East Kalimantan. Seeing this massive monster dragging his son Dimas father, subliansyah sawn after the crocodile and punched him and tried to release it’s son but all in vain the deadly monster swallowed the little boy.

Next day on March 4 the crocodile was found and Dimas body was found inside the monsters stomach,lifeless.

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