Ways to practice self-love

Hey! Smile please….

Yes yes you only, you’re very special. Did you know that you’re very special. There’s nobody like you on the whole planet. You deserve to be loved immensely not only by the creatures around you but by the most important person in your life and that’s YOU. If you ever desire to be in a relationship, be in the everlasting one with yfourself first. Practicing self-love can be challenging for many of us, especially in times when we face serious challenges. It’s not about being self-absorbed or narcissistic, it’s about getting in touch with ourselves, our well-being and our happiness. We practice self-love so we can push through our limiting beliefs and live a life that truly shines.

So do yourself a favor, take a deep breath, give yourself a little hug and start practicing the following:

▪Begin each day by telling yourself something positive. It can be anything which makes you feel pleasant. How adorable you look today. How well you handled a situation.

▪ Fill your body with food and drink that nourishes it and makes it thrive.

▪ Move that gorgeous body of yours every single day and learn to love the skin you’re in. You can’t hate your way into loving yourself.

▪ Don’t believe everything which hits your mind. There is an inner critic inside of us trying to keep us small and safe. The downside of this also stops us from living a full life.

▪ Surround yourself with people who love and encourage you. Let them remind you just how amazing you are.

▪ End all toxic relationships. Seriously. Don’t just waste your time in it. Anyone who makes you feel anything less than amazing doesn’t deserve to be a part of your life.

▪ Avoid the comparisons. There is no one on this planet like you, so you cannot fairly compare yourself to someone else. The only person you should compare yourself to is you.

▪ Step outside of your comfort zone and try something new. It’s incredible the feeling we get when we realize we have achieved something we didn’t  think we could do before.

▪ Celebrate your wins no matter how big or small. Pat yourself on the back and be proud of what you have achieved.

▪ Embrace and love the things that make you different. This is what makes you special.

▪ Take time out to calm your mind every day. Breathe in and out, clear your mind of your thoughts and just be you.

▪ Follow your passion. You know the thing that gets you so excited but scares you at the same time. The thing you really want to do but have convinced yourself it won’t work. You should go do that!

▪ Be patient but persistent. Self-love is ever evolving. It’s something that needs to be practiced daily but can take a lifetime to master. So be kind and support yourself through the challenging times.

▪ Be mindful of what you think, feel and want. Live your life in ways that truly reflect this.

▪ Treat others with love and respect. It makes us feel better about ourselves when we treat others the way we hope to be treated. That doesn’t mean everybody will always repay the favor, but that’s their problem not yours.

▪ Find something to be grateful for every day. It’s inevitable that you are going to have your down days. This is fine and very human of you. It’s especially important on these days to find at least one thing you are grateful for as it helps to shift your mind and energy around what’s going on.

▪ Reach out to family, friends, healers, whomever you need to help you through the tough times. You are not expected to go through them alone.

▪ Learn to say no. Saying no sometimes doesn’t make you a bad person, it makes you a smart person.

▪ Forgive yourself. You know that thing you did one time (or maybe a few times) that made you feel bad, embarrassed, ashamed? It’s time to let that go. You can’t change the things you have done in the past but you can control your future. Look at it as a learning experience and believe in your ability to change.

▪ Write it down. So many thoughts running in your mind gives you headache? Write them all down on a piece of paper, no matter how crazy, mean, sad, or terrifying they are. Keep it in a journal, tear it up, burn it, whatever you need to do to, just let it go.

▪ Just you. Grab a cup of your favorite tea, coffee, wine, whatever your choice of drink, and sit down for a few minutes on your own. No TV or distractions, just you. Think about the wonderful things that are happening in your life right now, what your big dreams are and how you can make them happen.

▪ Give up the need for approval from others. Believe in yourself and go for it.

▪ Be realistic. There is no person on this earth that is happy every single moment of every single day. It’s because we are all human. We make mistakes, we feel emotions (good and bad) and this is OK. Allow yourself to be human.

▪ Get creative and express yourself in whatever way you like. Painting, writing, sculpting, dancing, reading, music, whatever takes your fancy, and make sure you leave your inner critic at the door. There are nothing called PERFECT to be creative.

▪ Find your happy place. Where’s the one place you feel totally at ease, calm, happy, positive, high on life? Go to that place when you are going through hard times, or imagine yourself being there. Adore each and every thing you’re surrounded with.Think about how it feels, what it smells like, what it looks like.

▪ Let go of past trauma and wounds. This can be a really tough one and it may be one of those times you need to turn to others for support. The truth is though, when we let go of things that have happened to us it’s almost like a weight is lifted off our shoulders. We don’t have to carry that around with us anymore. We deserve better.

▪ The next time you are feeling happy and on top of the world make a list of your best qualities and accomplishments. It may sound a little corny, but it can be a wonderful reminder when you are having a day that’s less than amazing.

▪ Get in touch with your inner self. If it’s anything less than loving, encouraging and supportive, it’s time to make a change. You deserve to be spoken to in the same way you would speak to your best friend, sister, brother, daughter, or son.

▪ Have fun! Get out there and do the things that light your fire. Enjoy them, enjoy being you and enjoy your incredible life.

Be happy:)

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