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Now that the US army has pulled out from Afghanistan after spending 20 years there, the Taliban has taken control of almost whole of the country. HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF, and here history is repeating itself for the worst. Politicians have fled from the country leaving their countrymen to die and the civilians are in a state of panic. As Taliban has taken control from all the borders leaving no exit point.

What is Taliban

Taliban is the word for ‘student’ in pashto language. Ironically they have nothing to do with knowledge, at least on humanitarian basis. They emerged from the northern part of Pakistan in the early 1990s, they basically promised peace to the peope an to impose Sharia or islamic law, once in power. In September 1995, they started their rule by capturing Herat and then all the major cities one by one and by 1998, they had captured about 90% of Afghanistan.

They became popular as they finished corruption and lawlessness. They also introduced roads. But at the same time they implemented the Sharia law and gave punishments according to it, like public execution for murderers and adultration, amputating those, who were found guilty of theft. Girls were not allowed to go to school after the age of 10, women had to wear chaadri (burqa, covering whole body) when going out and they had to be accompanied by a man all the time, men too had to grow beard. Cinema, music and television were banned. women were not allowed to work even when their husbands died. Basically all their rights were taken away.

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Major terrorist activities by Taliban

On 11 September, 2001 the world trade center was attacked and Taliban was accused of providing safety to Al Qaeda.

Malala Yousafzai was shot by the talibani terrorists as she refused to leave school and continued to study.

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Disturbing images have been coming in from airport where people were rushing as their last hope of fleeing from there. It’s very saddening to see politicians leaving their people to die on the streets. Even though talibanis have said that the people need not be scared of anything but can we trust them?? Not really. Several videos have been surfacing on the net of dead bodies littered on roads. People are being dragged out of their houses, specifically those who have in any way helped American forces.
Residents are trying any possible way to get out of there but unfortunately the only exit left at last, the airport in kabul, has been shut off, shutting their last hope for now.

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Well, I hope for now at least the citizens will be safe and peace will be restored soon. The Afghanistan of 1960s-70s, where women enjoyed freedom and the country was progressing will be back. Children will play with toys and not guns, knowledge will be used as weapon and not violence.