Valuable Lessons taught by Superhero Movies

What was the first superhero movie you watched in the theatre? For me, it was Spider Man (2002) with Tobey Maguire portraying Peter Parker. Spider-Man has remained a classic in my head. It’s not the only movie that sticks in my mind. There are a lot of superhero movies that came into existence and many of them are great. The best part of these movies is that they entertain us and at the same time teach us lessons. It’s like when we go to a school and we learn various things in various subjects. It’s also the same way that a movie helps us learn lessons in an entertaining way.

Lesson 1: With great powers comes great responsibilities 

This dialogue is one of my favourites and the name of the film is spider man which was released in 2002, he could have used his power for his personal gains but instead, he used his power to save people from many evil incidents. He could have easily teamed up with criminals to steal some money so that he could improve his financial situation but instead, he risked his life to make his city a safe place to live for everyone. Without expecting anything in return he uses his superpower to serve mankind. This teaches a lot in real life, when we achieve something through our hard work it doesn’t mean we will start exploiting other people instead we can use our power or wealth to help the needy or weak person. For example, if an Individual studies hard and do great in the UPSC exam. He or she eventually becomes an IAS or IPS officer so that individual uses their position for the welfare of the people. 

Lesson 2: Teamwork 

Many of us have watched Justice League, X-men or Marvel movies where the theme is Teamwork. We see our favourite superhero isn’t fighting alone with the villains instead they work as a team to defeat the supervillains. The same thing goes for us in real life, we always need a team whether it is in a school project or in college assignments we do need a team so that every member looks at the expertise of their work and it eases our load of work. Every member has an important role to play in their field of work. 

Lesson 3: Your past doesn’t decide your future

If we see an example of Natasha commonly known as Black Widow, she was trained as an assassin in KGB and she felt guilty of the innocent lives she took while on her missions but instead she moved on from her past life and tried to be the best version of herself and let other people come in her life and also she teams up with avengers to save millions of lives. For us in real life also we all made mistakes in our life, but it doesn’t mean we should be hard on ourselves instead we should learn from our previous mistakes and move on from our past and try to be the best version of ourselves. 

Lesson 4: Never give up  

We have commonly seen our superheroes are fighting the extraterrestrial super villains which they haven’t fought before but instead of giving up, they fight them instead and eventually turns into victory. The same thing we have to apply in our lives is to never give up in any situation, if we are starting our blog or a startup just do it. We may face several challenges or difficulties but we have to be persistent in our goal and achieve it. 

Lesson 5: Everyone is unique 

In our favourite superhero movies whether it be Justice League, X-Men or Avengers every character has their unique abilities and powers just like Tony stark is highly Intelligent and Thor is extremely powerful. In real life also this same thing applies in our lives, we shouldn’t compare ourselves with other people because everyone is different, unique and best in their ways. Every Individual has their talent and passion which makes them different from other people.