Ranging from a variety of reasons like muscle and bone building, to healthier skin, nails and even hair, protein is in very high demand among the people of the world today, as they become more and more health conscious and start taking care of their mind and body by feeding and maintaining it well. Most of the times, protein is majorly incorporated in diets of people who want to build muscles. However, as vegetarianism is expanding a rapid pace in today’s world, one of the first concerns of the people as they switch to vegetarian diets is the apparent lack of protein in the regular, western, vegetarian diets. But, a point that needs to be acknowledged that is not a problem in indian diets at all. Protein forms a very important part of indian diets and so, people can consume regulated amounts of protein that they require in a day.

Some of the protein rich foods in indian diets are as follows:-


Cottage cheese, or popularly known as paneer in indian subcontinent is largely used in dishes and cuisines, especially in North India. Paneer is cooked in a variety of manners, supplemented with other vegetables like capsicum to make kadhi paneer, or even used to make the famous paneer parathas. They are also added in sweets, making it an all-round ingredient. While paneer is a major source of protein, it is also quite rich in fats. It is highly nutritious as well; consisting of vitamin B12, calcium and iron as well. Around 100gm of paneer consists of 20gm protein. Hencforth, try having paneer infused dishes to get your daily dose of protein


LENTILS ARE POPULARLY CONSUMED IN LUNCH TIME IN INDIAN DIETS. However, we can also add it in salads and soups. Lentils are highly enriched with fiber, foliate, iron as well protein. Around 240gms of a cup of lentils consist of 18 gms of protein, making it a healthy vegetarian protein ingredient.


Nuts are considered ‘super-foods’. One of the major reasons behind this claim is that nuts offer a variety of benefits on consumption. They are packed with vitamins like vitamin E and A, that are extremely good for hair and nail growth and keep your eyes healthy as well. Not only this, they are really good for your skin and eyes. Furthermore, they are widely prevalent and even recommended by doctors as they help in keeping cholesterol levels in check in people that suffer from this grave issue. They are also enriched in protein, making it a good source of protein in indian diets.


Kidney beans and chickpeas are quite popular in north indian cuisines, not only for their superb taste, but also their nutrients. This is evident through the fact that they are rich in iron, magnesium, complex carbs and fiber, along with protein. So, make sure to not skip out that plate of rajma chawal on sunday!

To sum it all up, there are various vegetarian protein rich foods in diets around India, you just have to look hard enough!

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