A cold era

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An era of complete and utter coldness with the expansion of glaciers above and beyond the lands. The age of ice, the cold era which must ring bells till now but most of us are going to connect it with the possibility of the ice age we have seen in animated cartoon movies but there is much more than the struggle of cute little squirrels with its food in the ice age.

The last of the last ice age happened around 11,000 years back which almost covered the ⅓ rd of the surface of the earth when they started at the time of 16th century and ended towards the mid 17th.

But as the history of the earth has witnessed many ice ages and even humans have survived the very last two ones we still can’t be so sure if that in future we get to the point of once again repeat telecast of the glacial era we will be able to withstand it or not, So to throw light on some of the very basics of this very cold age and understanding the cycle of the very same, this article is here.

The deep within the history

As we turn the pages of history it gets clear the reason, the contribution of each event in order of massive decline in the presence of greenhouse gas, and the reason behind the number of ice ages that occurred in the past 2.5 years.

In the span of millions of years, the massive tectonic plates collided resulting in the addition of many new-formed mountain ranges which also helped in the formation of the activity which declined the rate of Co2 present in the atmosphere.

Not only this but the ice age also helped us in getting some of the megafauna to always remember. Megafauna is what we can say the mega-sized mammals and birds which we still can see some of them who are left like elephant, giraffe and a few more.

We humans also have learned to cope up with the cold as just 10,000 years ago only as we were not furry and big enough to insulate our body from the extreme cold.

Disturbed Natural Phenomenon

The cycle of mini and the major ice age is what keeps up the balance of the atmosphere and as the last mini ice age occurred around the 14th century the major was supposed to happen around the corner of 1500 years after but with the rate of emission of carbon dioxide and the rising temperature of the earth atmosphere it is estimated we have pushed the natural phenomenon of cooling down of over heated earth surface by 1000 years late.

The biggest of all

The biggest ever ice age this earth has witnessed was around  645 million years ago, which was the longest and so chilly with an average temperature of -30 degrees C, that even equator has the glaciers of ice around it.

The only species or life to thrive during this time was ocean life as the temperature was so low any human couldn’t have survived it not even the megafauna.

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