A Journey By Train In Winter

 journey by train is always an interesting experience. In the winter of 2009,1 happened to attend the marriage of one of my friends. My friend lived in Amritsar. I got a seat reserved in the first-class compartment from Delhi to Amritsar in a super-fast train and its a winter season.

When the train crossed the platform, it began to pick up speed. Soon, it ran very fast and after some time, reached Panipat. I was carrying some novels, tit-bits, magazines and a newspaper with me. For some time, I read but I soon got bored and gazed outside. A peep through the window of the train showed me a charming sight. I saw lush green fields, trees, groves and forests from the window of the running train. I also saw farmers ploughing the fields. Then my train reached Ambala at 4.50 p.m. Here I had my evening tea at the tea-stall on the railway platform. There was a lot of rush. The hawkers and vendors were selling a variety of foodstuffs. Soon, the train whistled. I got into my compartment and the train left the station.

From Ambala, a foreigner couple boarded my compartment. The couple seemed nice and friendly, so I enquired about their country. The man at once quipped that he belonged to Norway. Then both the husband and wife began to narrate the facts about Norwegians. They also compared the same with the facts and information about India. His wife spoke highly of Indian womanhood. She praised their beauty and behaviour. She also praised the culture, civilisation and places of historical and religious interests in India. Both were deeply impressed by the grandeur of Punjab. Its folklores and festivals were highly appreciated by them. This chat with the foreigner couple was quite interesting for me.

It was night. There was darkness outside. The chilling wind began to blow. My train was nearing its destination. The train halted at Jalandhar. The engine was also changed there. The train then steamed off and ran at full throttle. The piercing wind was penetrating through the open window panes. At 9 p.m. the train reached Amritsar. The platform was lit up with lights. I got down from the train. I met my friend who had come to receive me at the railway station. We both then drove to his home. It was a pleasant journey by train in winter. It added to my experience and knowledge.

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