An Indian Temple

Foreigners often remark that India is a land of temples, shrines and sacred places. With the history of India are intertwined many stories that are religious, legendary and social. Right from Kashmir to Kerala, we come across temples of many Gods and Goddesses.

One of the biggest temples of India is the newly built Lakshmi Narayan temple (Birla Mandir) in Delhi. This temple was built by late industrialist Shri G.D. Birla.

As we approach the temple, we see a majestic and magnificent construction. It covers a wide area having the front wall artistically built with gates in it. At the back of this temple, lie the hilly mounds. The trees give it a very natural and fascinating look.

The entire temple has been built with marble. Inside the temple, there is the statue of Lord Krishna that lies in the central precincts. There are engravings and murals on the walls of the inner temple that depict the stories of The Ramayana and The Mahabharata. There are green lawns inside the temple and parks having many swings and slides on which the children can play. The figures of cow, camel, bear and many other animals, have been carved in stone. The fountains and water coming out of a tiger’s mouth attract people.

On one side of the temple akhand-kirtan or non-stop singing goes on in praise of the Lord. People going to the temple listen to it with full attention. Devotees, saints and sages are seen reciting the sacred hymns of the holy Bhagwad Gita.

The Lakshmi Narayan Temple wears a grand and decent look on the days of Janam Ashtami and Ram Navami, i.e., the birthdays of Lord Krishna and Lord Rama, respectively. Thousands of visitors visit this temple on these days. There is a great rush of people during these days. The temple-tops are illuminated with fancy electric bulbs and it presents an exquisite sight.

Pujas are performed. This sacred place hums with activity during the festivals. The entire temple is lit-up with electric bulbs and lights on the day of Deepawali. If we visit this temple on Deepawali, when it is decorated with glittering lights and adorned by the flowers and other decorative things, we derive great mental satisfaction and solace.

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