Animal Rights and Trophy hunting.

Trophy hunting is hunting of wild game that is characterized by the selective harvest of mature male animals. Sad to say that this ancient practice is still being carried out in the name of ‘providing incentive’ and ‘developing economies’.

Animal rights have been openly violated by some nations by allowing trophy hunting and are in great danger in countries considering to resort to such barbaric means to earn money.

Animal rights are not legal rights but moral rights which are often ignored in the name of utilitarianism. Animals are treated as property and, thus, enjoy little to know legal rights. As the saying goes, “Until the lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter”. Well, the hunters indeed are trying to glorify their scheme of easy money earned through their immoral and savage actions against innocent lives.As the government of countries allowing trophy hunting, such as Africa, US and some countries in North America, reasons that trophy hunting raise funds for the conservation of wildlife, when there is “no incentive” for conservation, might I say that this can be considered an irony, a hilarious one too.

The truth is that these governments think that investing a portion of their GDP on conservation of environment, moreover on conservation of wildlife, is nothing more than waste of money. Those arguing that this practice also serve as population control of the wild animals, which would otherwise exceed the carrying capacity of an area, must I remind them that it was our fault, fault of the human race, behind significant decrease in forest areas and green cover and now to cover up our mess we are going on mass killing of innocent animals.

It might sound extreme but, Sire, this would be called murder with corporate motives had the entity been human. The claims stating, directly or indirectly, that trophy hunting is the best method to make money out of wildlife and the local community benefits from this income have been false. Reports suggest that around 3% After revenue collected from trophy hunting reaches the communities that are affected by it.

As for money through wildlife conservation, wildlife tours and safaris and increasing fascination for trips to reconnect with nature can fairly boost economy. Not only it gives incentive to save wildlife but also a chance for connected sectors, such as tours and travels, aviation, hospitality, local handicraft etc., to grow and prosper.Considering ourselves to be the superior species though, why must we ponder upon the wellbeing of wildlife and concern ourselves with moral issue of innocent animals being killed in the name of big game, isn’t it?

Animals like lions, tigers, wild boar and others are the ones on the kill list of rich people in the name of ‘social service by killing dangerous animals’. Basically the idea is ‘killing the ones on the top of the food chain’. It’s unfortunate that human race never learns from its past mistake. I would like to tell the story of Sahara desert which apparently wasn’t a desert but a King, in his own noble perspective, killed all carnivores in order to protect the herbivores from ‘savage beings’. With no one to check the plant-eaters, they grazed the whole forest down to a desert. There is a reason nature came up with the food chain and the so-called ‘savage beasts’. Need of the time is sustainable development and protection of environment, not what is being done in the name of economy and GDPs, so that there remains an economy to be taken care of not just.If it’s really about utilitarian view then we should start killing all the people above the age of 65 or 70 who are dependent. It will give far more greater benefits than loses.

We can achieve control on population, decrease in number of dependent population, more disposable income more resources and increase in unit area per person, not to forget increase in availability hospital beds, decrease in waste generation and better waste management and economic development in sector dealing with cremations, funeral services etc. And at what cost?

Only the emotional unrest which will eventually fade with the realisation of the inevitable ad the burden of caring the economy. Sound barbaric, extreme, baseless. What about the greater good now?

Just because human beings, in their own false sense of superiority, fail to remember doesn’t mean that animals are not an entity and do not deserve right to live.To conclude, I would say animal rights are in dire need to be upheld legally and should be ore widespread otherwise the money-minded, greedy beings would wipe out the wildlife. It is not just important but necessary to ban trophy hunting not only to save wildlife and nature but to save our environment, our ecosystem within which the ‘economies’ exist. To assume environment to be unrelated to the issues of economy and politics and proceeding ahead like that is like breaking the roof of one’s own house to build oneself a fire. Not only is it illogical but also will not sustain economies in the long run. Also, I would like to add that giraffes don’t hurt people, they are plant eating and peaceful animals. So, Ms Sabrina Corgatelli should be ashamed of killing innocent, harmless animals and should have her facts straight next time or come up with better excuses.

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