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As people in today’s world are getting more and more conscious about their health and overall fitness, they are constantly overcoming the age-old beliefs that may provide remedy for a variety of issues at the time, but not with everyone. One of the major health trends of present times that highlights the issues faced by lactose intolerant people is : GOING DAIRY FREE. This type of diet excludes all forms of dairy products; including butter, cheese, cream, ice cream, and so on. Due to its various effective and visible benefits, more and more people are opting for a dairy free dies in their daily lives in order to avail the advantages of going dairy-free.

Here is a compiled list of all the positive effects that you may face after quitting dairy, varying from one person to another. They are discussed as follows:-


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One of the major reasons why people go dairy free in today’s world is : controlling acne. A lot of people have found that removing milk products from their everyday diets have helped them control their acne. This is credited to a number of factors. Firstly, mill promotes production of oils in our body and as a result, our sebaceous glands become highly active. Due to the highly reactive behavior of our oil glands, our skin becomes more prone to trapping bacteria in the pores of the skin and due to this, bacteria development may take place on our skin, resulting in acne. Another factor worth mentioning is that consumption of milk also promotes sugar resistance in our body which may further, cause acne in people, especially women since their hormones are highly active throughout the month.

So, try eliminating milk from your diet to get a smooth and clear skin!


The major development that people who quite dairy may encounter first would be the ease and smoothness they encounter in digestion of the everyday foods they consume. This is evident though the fact that a large number of people around the globe face the issue of lactose intolerance, a condition where people are unable to digest dairy milk. This may result in heavy bloating and gas within the stomach, making the person feel uncomfortable and sick. Once such people quit dairy, they are able to tackle this issue effectively.


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If you want to lose a few inches, try quitting dairy! A number of studies have shown that quitting dairy may actually help you reduce weight. This is because nowadays, the milk and milk products available in the market are highly processed, saturated and may also contain chemicals and even additive hormones that may not be beneficial for us at all. Not only this, they are extremely hazardous for us, making our body a host of several chronic illnesses like diabetes blood pressure and high bad cholesterol levels. This is not good for us in the long term period. Henceforth, try avoiding dairy if you are trying to lose weight to see if it may help and aid you in any way at all!

To sum it all, going-dairy free may be a healthy option for people who are lactose intolerant but may not know about it. However, this diet may not work for everyone too. Hence, we need to be selective about our everyday diet choices, so that we can handle our health in a better fashion!

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