Human Resources and Rural Welfare

Human Resource and Rural development:

Rural economic development needs a wide range of human resource development. The promotion of economic reforms in rural areas will only be valid when the rural human resources are developed enough to adapt them. Otherwise this will be a waste of resources as there won’t be specific data driven results.

Economic development rationally provides financial and equipped background support to Human resources.

Rural Human resource development needs to reach out to 4 objectives:

 As rural development and progress human resource plays a very decisive role for economic growth.

Rural human resource development needs to reach the four objectives:

1.Control the population size through enhancing family planning. This contributes to sustainable development of human resource.

2. Achieve optimal allocation and fully employment of human resources through adjusting irrational distribution of human resources in regions, employment and knowledge structure.

3. Enhance cultural quality, moral quality, professional skills and management Skills of rural human resource, meet rural construction need and drive economic development through strengthening technical education, adult education and basic education.

4. More effectively carry out human resource development without any worry through establishing rural guarantee system.

Benefits of human resource development:-

  1. Resources are utilized in an optimum manner.

2.  Makes people more competent, it develops new skills, knowledge and attitude of the people.

3.Increases the awareness of the importance of change management

4. Helps in developing a sense of belongingness among the employees

5. Human resources development policies promote openness in the overall growth of employees.

Human resource basically work to make the best out of the skills of a person.

Rural men women and even children are very efficient at manual labour and cam be used as a great asset in manual work in machinery sectors. The women can become a great asset to the cooking industry as well as home based works. They can also be made known about the internet and how they can use technology to get their best potential.

Imported products have replaced a lot of Made in India products since a lot of time. But these rural people who need more opportunities and better living can always be trusted with home made brands as well as good work when given the right information.

Even a farmer requires the knowledge of the crop to be a good farmer.

Accumulation of human resource capital will become an economic growth point of rural areas

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