A biography of Kiran Bedi.

‘I Dare!’ Kiran BediParmesh Dangwal

This book was first published In 1995, has been translated into six languages. It was voted as the ‘Biography Of The Decade’ by India Today. The book incorporates her ‘Personal And Spiritual Journey’ on which she embarked, not only for the prisoners, or the Trainees in The Delhi Police but also for herself. The book is an insight of who Kiran is and ‘What Is It That Makes Her What She Is’.

Biography of Kiran Bedi. She became internationally recognized after recieving the Ramon Magsaysay Award in Government Service, also considered the Asian Nobel Prize. Her work as the first woman in the Indian Police Service, and as the Inspector General of Tihar Prisons Delhi, got international attention. Her work in the field of crime prevention, forging partnerships in policing and prison transformation was absolutely innovative in the field of restorative justice.

You all may know who is she. Her biography will make you know her. The ups and downs, the highs and lows of her life. She is an inspiration to most of us.

The author has penned the events of Kiran Bedi’s life in detail. He has done a wonderful job by giving us the biography of such a wonderful personality.

This book teaches us to take a stand for the right, for ourself. It teaches us self empowerment. It makes us realize that one person can make a huge difference. You will learn about leadership. This book is a written-witness of a revolution.

I would recommend it to all those who dare to believe in themselves. If you are not that person, after reading this book you may be one of that kind.

Like I say : Reading books is magic, it makes you live hundreds of lives in a single one. Or atleast that’s what I believe. Hopefully this book will have an impact and magic you are/ were waiting for. I’ll take a leave.

And Thanks. 😇

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