Impact of the Globalization on rural developments.

Impact of globalisation on rural developmentThe uninterrupted flow of trade,capital ans technology across the world is commonly known as globalisation.In globalisation the world is considered as a whole big market.In 1991 when new industrial policy came into force globalisation started taking pace.

Just like a coin globalisation had two faces one good and one bad. This means that it had good impact as well as bad impact on the people of rural places.If we try to observe in a larger view globalisation was good as it had many good impacts like the world transformed into a single society but it also widened the gap between the rich and poor.Positive impacts of globalisation on rural area :-

1. Liberalisation of international trade and marketing of food and agricultural products.

2. standards of living increased in rich and poor families of urban as well as rural places

3. Increasing privatization like privatization of coal mines increased employment opportunities

4. Intensification of people as well as internal migration

5. Education quality developed and people from rural places started learning new skills

6. Many villages advanced and now they have advanced automated or semi automatic technologies, fertilizers etc.

7. globalisation provided better exposure to market goods hence quality of goods increased as well as proper price was providedWe can observe that globalisation developed our society ,our nation but in many ways it also ruined it.Negative impacts of globalisation on rural development :-

1. With globalisation many advanced technologies came into this nation which reduced manpower hence unemployment increased especially among unskilled labourers of the rural areas.

2. As many villages did not have proper transportation facilities, communication facilities many hinterlands never got chance to develop

3. With globalisation competition increased and local farmers could not compete with international quality and price hence their condition got worse.

4. not only farmers conditions of artisans also got worse as they could not compete

5.Many small industries of rural areas were shut down because of high level of competition and economical lossWe can still take steps to neutralize the negative impacts of globalisation om the rural area of this country which is predominantly rural and has major part of its income from these areas only.Steps that can be taken for neutralization are :-

1.steps luke ‘bharatnet’ should be taken in order to provide advanced information and technology to people living in rural areas.

2. Government,NGOs as well as private sector should join their hands to provide assets to rural areas and encourage entrepreneurship.

3. Government should impose some restrictions in MNCs before coming to indian market so that they dont affect small businesses

4. Low cost loans should be provided to small industries so that they get time to re-establish themselves and earn profit.

5. Proper rural urban transportation and communication facilities should be developed even in inaccessible areas so that they can also enter the market .

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