Importance of education for rural India.

Importance of rural education in india
India is a country with a population of 135 crores.According to reports by world bank in 2020, 65 percent of indian population resides in rural areas.With such a huge population living in rural areas,rural education in india becomes important not only to eradicate poverty and illiteracy,but also for a variety of social ,economic as well as cultural and political reasons.
In 1947 when india became independent policy makers realized the importance of education.Education is considered as the most strong weapon to improve community development as well as initiate social alterations in the world.For a nation ,education in urban as well as rural areas plays a huge role in growth of country . Although education in urban areas of india has progressed rapidly , there are places where still education is not a priority.
It is mandatory for the government to teach people about the importance of education,about the benefits of education and why it should be enforced even in most remote places.

Benefits of education :-

  1. In political system of rural india,it is necessary for rural people to be educated so that they can understand the programs and principles in a much better way and hence elect worthy representatives.
  2. Villages in india plays major part in the economical growth of the country by producing agricultural, industrial as well as other goods.For this it is necessary to have an understanding of the global economy as it is the international price movement of goods which regulate their quantity and price.for that its important for rural masses to be educated.
  3. With time and introduction of modern gadgets culture is also advancing at a rapid rate. To handle and utilize the benefits of these advanced gadgets whether it is for agriculture or daily life education is a prequisite.For example,a rural farmer must be educated in order to learn how to use harvesters , fertilizers, threshers etc. Education can affect the intellectual life of people and make them contribute in the advancement of society.
  4. Indian constitution provides several rights and principles to citizen such as right to education,right to speak,right to information . To understand the significance and functioning of these right modern education becomes must.

Thus we can understand that rural education not only helps in the rural development but it helps in the overall progress and development of the nation.

Thus many steps were taken time to time in order to enhance level of education by the government.many programs were organised to enlighten the people,many schemes were launched in order to attract people of rural areas having low income .
Scheme launched by indian government :-

  1. Samagra shiksha is an scheme launched by indian government to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education
  2. Since the inception of erstwhile centrally sponsored scheme in 2001, 3.18 lakh school building,18.8 lakh additional classrooms,2.3 laks water facilities were constructed.
  3. Mid day meal was started to attract poor families and encourage them fo send their children to schools.
  4. Based on national achievement survey,2017 was conducted to identify and design strategies to reduce the gaps. 5.section of 23(2) of the RTE Act has been amended to extend the period of untrained in-service elementary teachers.

6.NIOS has been entrusted to organise trainings as well as D.El.Ed was started to ensure quality of teachers.

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