Issue related jobs : Unemployment

The word unemployment itself describes that the problem of giving job to those who are willing to work. It is mainly an economic problem. A problem that has been in tradition without a particular solution. The major rise in unemployment is because of the population crisis. This year we can say that the pandemic also played an important role and increased this problem at the highest level. The people who were employed and were at professional posts lost their jobs because of the pandemic situation for which they weren’t prepared.

Now coming to the second part that is the population crisis. We need proper family planning schemes so that the jobs could be created. Because it’s impossible to create the employment opportunities for all if we will not plan accordingly and prepare a structure for this problem. The trouble is not only this. In every field we have multiple candidates with qualified degrees for the same single post. People are going to the same sector as their parents had gone into that and think that they will get the better chance.

Mental makeup is also necessary for both boys and girls. We ate service minded since our childhood’s so that we are afraid of taking risk but it is not a good option to completely being dependent on the government for creating job opportunities. It’s the problem of both educated and uneducated people and we can find a solution together only. Even agriculture sector suffers disguised unemployment which can be job oriented if we think and focus on it.

When the person is unemployed it may be lead to many undesired results that may be competition, frustation, depression, drug addiction, and even suicides. Running a race without a goal is worthless. One must think twice before taking his steps about his studies and career. Every individual is not the same and has different way of thoughts and capabilities. We need to get to know about them so that we could be confident in our field and make necessary decisions.

At last I could conclude my article on a positive note that the one step should be taken by government and one step by ourselves because it’s our choice, our future and our life. Expectations are a part of life but don’t try to make it a habit. If the steps are taken from both the side then only the solution can be derived not only for ourselves but for our future generations too.

Keep reading, keep knowing…… Thank you!!

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