Potential Of Rural Women:

Rural Women are re a resourceful economic agent, who work day and night for the family and their growth in every form economic as well as emotional level. They do businesses; they work in farms; they contribute in family businesses. There are rural women who work for others but are also self employed.

They have a very unequal access to the resources and also go through a lot of discrimination. They also have to suffer through gender norms which needs to be addressed. They also have to work at home unpaid for the huge amount of work for their family.

Some general facts about Rural women in daily discrimination:

  • Most rural women workers are unpaid family workers or self employed and exposed to precarious jobs and low pay.
  • Rural women are paid on an average 25% less than men. They are considered to be less efficient because of low physical strength and sometimes are not even paid for the same work done by men.
  • Rural women also work for longer hours than men. They are expected to look after family and children needs along with work. The society thinks of the woman’s real job to be looking after the family needs and being independent for a woman in these cases is generally considered secondary.
  • Most of the rural women are unpaid family workers and their work is generally just considered as a contribution to the family rather than actual work which requires a pay.
  • Many times a woman’s entrepreneurship is not accepted by the society and they are not supposed to dedicate all their time into some growth or business.
  • Women in rural areas also get less or sometimes no access to education. Sometimes they are just told to leave it halfway because their fate is already decided and hence studying will only increase the burden on the family.

Condition of women in Indian rural society specifically:

Employment Creation and how to do it for rural women: Employment creation mean coming up with new industries and ideas which can and will provide employment to a lot of people which will give them stable income and a stable life. Creation of more sector which require the skills of rural women and can help them excel can prove to be a big boon in the society.

Creating employment: Creating employment can be

  • Rural work programmes should be encouraged and women training should be encouraged. Rajasthan had one of the highest no. Of women businesses from home. For example: Lijjat Papad. They should be provided with exposure for their promotion and the brands should be encouraged more than the imported brands.
  • And increase in women friendliness and a change of attitude towards working women.
  • Providing capital for the women to kick start their business ideas and then paying it with small installments.
  • Social protection should be improved that is, creating more awareness about women sanitary pads and other basic needs and creating trusted rural brands for all the basic needs so that they don’t feel on being introduced to something foreign but they should learn using the things made by them only. Giving them more trust on the brand and creating awareness among them about them the better living standards in low costs.
  • It is never too late to start new. Their access to technological reforms should be increased. They should start learning more about internet and technology through different organizations whose main job is to educate them. These small jobs will also create employment opportunities.

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