Rebirth Of Taliban

Rebirth of talibanTaliban , terrorist organisation which was supposed to be dead suddenly emerged and took over an entire country.

How did they do this.for years taliban did not take any action because of which everyone thought that taliban has been wiped out.but this was not true . they were preparing themselves for a sudden attack.

Resources of taliban :-Taliban’s sudden surge across much of Afghanistan,may have stunned the world but it has been driven in part by extensive fundraising that has given this group access to millions of dollars.Intelligence agencies say its impossible to gauge the exact money taliban has been able to raise, it’s estimated to be around 300 million to 1.5 billion dollars a year.Their major source of income are opium production,drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping etc.According to UN many non governmental foundations also donates huge amount to taliban.

How did taliban conquered Afghanistan :-

As foreign troops began their final withdrawal from the country in may,washington and kabul thought that afghan millitary will put up a strong fightagainst the Taliban.

Afghan millitary having multi billion dollars of arsenal was undefeated on paper.In reality they were plagued by corruption,poor leadership,lack of proper training.According to reports from The Times of India US government inspectors had long warned that the force was unstable.Faced with smaller but more determined opposition many soldiers even units deserted or surrendered leaving the insurgents to capture city after city.The seeds of collapse were soen last year when washington signed a deal with insurgents to withdraw its troop completely.

For Taliban it was their victory after more than two decades of war,but for many afghans this was betrayal and abandonment.With afghan forces unable to hold off the taliban advances,many of Afghanistan’s famed and notorious leaders rallied their millitia and promised a black eye to Taliban if they attack the cities.Cities fell without a fight.political leaders left the country.some warlords were captured some ran away.From individual soldiers and low level ministers to officials the insurgent pressed for deals with the taliban.Final march to kabul was not bloodshed ,it was government officials and terrorist capturing the city sitting in a couch.Earlier few reports estimated that ut would take around 90 days to capture kabul but once they entered it took less than two weeks.And thus a country was captured by a supposedly dead organisation which resulted in nothing else but destruction of lives of citizen as around 3 lakh people left the country on the ither hand thousand were killed.

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