Role of Women and Self Help groups in rural development

Role of women self help groups

Women self help groups is a scheme launched by indian government under the mission of National rural livelihood mission im 2011.The mission took pace around 2012-13.Bank accounts are provided by the government to these groups in which each member adds 10 rupees per week in their account to which the government provides economical support with very less interest.women can borrow loan from the group with a mere interest of 2 percent which is very low compared to the money lenders who charge 20 percent of interest.

Effect of National rural livelihood mission :-
The women self help groups formed under the above mission has worked magically in the field of women empowerment.because of availability of hassle fress loans without and security encouraged women to follow their passion or start a new business.Financial access and other support has increased family incomes of each member by almost 19 percent and savings by 23 percent according to the recent reports by National rural livelihood mission.This scheme proved to be most beneficial for educated women who get extra benefits.

Success stories :-
There are many cases or inspiring stories of women who started their own business in a country having very few women leaders whether they are in politics or in the field of business.Recently,Hemlata devi borrowed some amount from jai ambe swaya sahayata samooh in udaipur rajasthan to buy a pump for her farm.There was no way she could approach any bank for loan as she had nothing as security hence she approached to one of the self help groups in her district who provided her loan with mere interest of 2 percent .Because of this she could buy a pump which gave a powerful thrust to her family income and she easily returned the borrowed amount.

Benefits :-
These self help groups benefitted the scheduled castes and scheduled tribes the most.the programme increased income of households to a good extent and has helped in empowering women.these groups also provide skill training like sewing to the rural people so that they can start their own tailoring shops.they also provide other training as well such as agro ecological practices.these groups boosted confidence of women hence many women started taking part in politics as well.

Conclusion :-
Self help groups has empowered women of rural areas ,has provided training which are beneficiary to everyone despite their differences has motivated equality as well as provided support in the economy of their nation.No doubt SHGs has golden effects on the society and has helped in many ways in the development of their areas.A nation can be developed only if women are empowered and these groups did that.

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