Rural development and local government

Local government as a tool for rural development constitutionally , local government is the third tier of indian goverment commonly known as ‘”grassroot government'”.

A proper combination of local efforts with the government in order to develop socio-economic conditions of the people is a key factor for rural development.Local government as a tool :-The major factor in rural development is self help.the local government being nearest to the population is one of the best institutions or tool for generations motivation and encouraging mobilization for self help.

Thay can also induce wider participation of local people in decision making.To guarantee the basic social needs local people must participate not only in political affairs but also commonly affairs hence local government serves as the proper tool .

Integrated rural development :-

Proper synchronisation between the people and the government is inevitable for rural development.Without IRD rural development is not possible as each place has different basic needs,requires different kind of approach. Only local government ensures that government works in proper synchronisation with locals to provide basic needs ,to solve local issues.IRD focuses only on the growth of the local area with the help of local resources and support of local people hence,it serves as the most effective tool for rural development.

The panchayat or the Panchs hold so much power to themselves that they even take decisions of life and death in the area.

India is a vast country to be administered to the depest levels. Rural areas and their traditions can only be controlled and understood by a local government.

Conclusion :-Thus we conclude that local government acts as the closest government to the people.Local government is the focus of central government to develop social as well as economic conditions of the are which leads to the rural development.Local government also succeeds in understanding the people better and hence motivating them to become self sustainable ,encourage them to take part in decision making and work together with the government for proper development. Local governments work effectively as a communication between the local people and central government. They also observe needs of the locality and with the help of revenues from the government local bodies fulfill the needs.hence,local government acts as the most powerful tool in rural development.

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