Save girl and educate girl

The theme save girls and educate girl was given by the our prime minister mr. Narendra modi. The purpose of this is to save the life of girl and educate them. This is known as Beti bachao beti padhao and it is launched on 22 January 2015. The aim of this to create awareness and improve the efficiency of welfare services intended for girls in India.

But the question is arising that why save girl and educate girl? Did earlier girls were not educated? Girls were educated but the graph of education dowards the girl is much lesser than the education of boys. Girls were also educated at that time but in our country there are many places were the people not educated their girls thats why government launched this.

Government wants to equal growth of child.

Why the girls should be educated?

If a girl is educated then it educate the whole family. One girl can educate their total family they educate their children. Not only they educate their families or children they also help their partner in her business. She work outside the house and make a good relationship among the people. They take a good decision about her life. She understands very well what is good or what is bed. At the poor condition of their family she can stand for their family because they have knowledge and skills through which they will help them.

It is seen that after the death of girl’s husband the girl is alone no one can help him at this situation that girl start working in other houses as a servant if the girl is educated then she can do other work and earn money for their survival.

So in this world everyone should be educated because a educated person can do anything.

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