Unknown Threats

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Threats, are everywhere, with everything as the rule of balancing out is having good means there must be a side too which can have different consequences from the former so, what threat we are covering today and how it can lead to many unknown things to appear out of nowhere.

Glacier, yes we have always heard it around us that it is melting and the threats I mean we had this subject from primary section of schooling till graduation so yeah we know all the bad things that can happen if glacier keeps on melting, but what we never thought what would happen if it just won’t increase the sea level but can also cruise unknown danger to the whole of the mankind?

Talking about that kind of danger and knowing something more on this topic, this article is here today.

A Wake-Up Call

Can there be a comeback appearance of long-lost species or diseases? As the permafrost for centuries or even more, the glaciers also have frozen up many nutrients or elements that once was out there free when we had different era or different habitats on our very blue home.

The waking of these diseases and species can be much more serious than thinking of it as just a hypothetical question and scenario.

We humans have always lived with millions and billions of bacteria and viruses around us the difference is most of them are not quite awake to infect us yet as every molecule or protein needs some specific condition or temperature to start evolving with the current environment. So there we are still safe even around them.

But, what if the temperature which is keeping them at bay or mostly inactive starts giving us major variation which can mean a wake-up call for many viruses and many unknown dormant things out there.

There are many examples to show that this may be more than a mind’s curiosity.

In 2005 and 2014 many scientists revived viruses of the permafrost soils and even checked them out for their survival for many many centuries.

In 2016, frozen virus anthrax was found in a remote corner of Siberian Land which infected several countable humans to consider the threat of Unknown.

Anti-viruses resistance

Many Scientists found out through intense research that viruses and these pathogens can develop antibiotic resistance through which they can live millions of years and they are rapidly adapting to the changes that the surface microbes took years to develop. 

The viruses even if get destroyed in that particular period can revive if their DNA is still somehow able to get the host to feed and get the required condition to live on.


Even though the risk of these coming to life for at least 50 years is less than likely to happen but we can never be so sure that it’s not gonna happen. Knowing your battle beforehand and being ready for it with an extra dose of anti-biotics can help us to fight back good.

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