Why is Earth the only planet with life?

Not so fast,Earthling ! Outer space is a big place, and one thing scientists have learnt from studying life on Earth is that organisms can thrive in all sorts of harsh environments. Meanwhile, astronomers have discovered nearly 4,000 Earth like planets beyond our solar system and are spotting more everyday. Some of these ” exoplanets ” orbit their stars in the “Goldilocks zone”, a distance that neither too hot nor too cold to support liquid water and possibly alien life. Who knows? Maybe an alien kid somewhere up there is wondering if you exist.

Why does Mars have a face on it?

When the Viking I aur picture pictures of Mars in 1976, one photo became a hit for its apparent portrayal of a mountainous Martian face resembling An Egyptian Pharaoh. Eager to set the record straight on this crowd- pleasing Mars anomaly, NASA used a satellite to re photograph the region in 1998 and 2001. The high resolution images revealed a natural geological feature rather than a monument to Martiankind.

How many exoplanets might support life?

After analysing the known exoplanets and comparing that data with what they know about the Milky Way, astronomers at Cornell University predict that as many as 100 million worlds in our galaxy could support complex life.

So why we haven’t met aliens yet?

Because space is big. The galaxy might be teeming with life, but the gulfs between stars make visiting our neighbours an impossible mission – at least for now. Remember, it would take thousands of years to travel to the closest star outside our solar system using modern spaceship technology.

What about the possibility of life closer to home?

Where? Like in London? Ah, you mean in our solar system! Mars was once considered a top candidate for alien life,but so far we haven’t found any Martians. ( Anything that lived on the red planet is most likely long dead). Astronomers seeking signs of life are now turning their attention to the solar system’s moons instead of its planets.

Why did people once think Martians lived on Mars?

Astronomers peering at mass in the 17th,18th, and 19th centuries saw signs of life everywhere. Seas ! Continents ! Canals that carried water to Martian farms ! But modern telescopes, probes, and NASA landers ruined the fun by revealing our planetary neighbor’s dry details:It’s just a lifeless ball of red rock. Early astronomers had confused Mars’s ancient seas and riverbeds for signs of civilisation.

Which of the solar system’s moons might have life?

The Frozen surface of jupiter’s moon Europa hides a liquid Ocean that might contain alien creatures. Enceladus, one of Saturn’s many moons, has a sea the size of Lake Superior under its icy surface. And Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, has vast lakes of liquid methane. If life existed here, it would be truly alien.

How are astronomers searching for alien life?

  • BY DIGGING: Robotic rovers are sampling Martian soils for science of ancient life.
  • BY VISITING: Probes are being dispatched to spots across the solar system that might harbor life today.
  • BY LOOKING: NASA’S Earth- and space -based telescopes have been scanning galaxy for earth like exoplanets outside our solar system capable of supporting life.
  • BY LISTENING: In 1960, scientists began scanning the universe with special telescope for radio signals from alien civilizations. The project is called SETI, for the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. It hasn’t picked up any alien broadcast yet, but we haven’t stopped listening.

Why is the U.S government hiding evidence of alien life?

Ah, you must be thinking of the “Rosewell incident”, in which an unidentified craft crashed near the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, U.S.A., in 1947. Conspiracy theorist claim the craft was a flying saucer and that the U.S military whisked away the wreckage along with the bodies of its alien pilots. The U.S government released a report on Rosewell in the mid -1990s claiming the debris was actually a crashed balloon in its top-secret “Project Mogul,” which used high-altitude sensors to monitor for enemy nuclear-missile tests. “Likely story,” claim the conspiracy theorists.

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