The meaning of education is to educate. The education is the smallest unit of development of that child in which they have interest. Education developed healthy mind in healthy body. Education is the development of internal power of people.

Meaning of education

Narrow meaning of education :- In this education given inside the four walls of school. Broad meaning of education :- In this whole world comes through which every day children learn new skills or news words. There is no definite place to get education.

Aim of education

Three things are important for education

  1. Why education? :- In this what is aim of education is decided.
  2. How education? :- In this the process of education is to be decided.
  3. What education? :- In this syllabus is to be decided.

Need of education

  1. It gives the path.
  2. It gives the idea to do any work.
  3. Education gives the confidence.
  4. It makes selfsupporting.

Factors that determine the purpose of education

  1. Place and time
  2. Need and problems of society
  3. Political ideology
  4. Social ideology
  5. Cultural ideology

All these factors is responsible for education. Also all of these are interlinked to each other. For example a political ideology wants that child learn only that thing, a cultural ideology wants that child learn only the culture of different places.

Hence for this a child can get all types of education through different different people or place.

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