Internship, Skill development

As the name itself suggest today we will understand the concept of internship and skill development .Both these are necessary to upgrade an individual’s career goals. For a good and secure job experience and interest is must.

INTERNSHIP : As we know today’s scenario where there is lack of jobs, unemployment and much more issues. Internships provide a platform to an individual to enhance his skills and gain knowledge from an experienced organisation. Experience can only be achieved if we are willing to work. Internships are an easy way to develop these skills without any cost. Most of time people do internships to improve their CV and get their desired jobs in the desired organisation. Yes it helps an individual in achieving these targets. But internship is much more also. Sometimes we don’t know about the work but are interested in doing that and internships give that a chance.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT : Now coming towards another part that is skill development. It is becoming a trend to become more skilled so that a person can provide his services at his best to the organization. If a person is skilled with different type of work then it will help the organization in many ways. Skill means the ability to develop focus on the work in which a person is interested on. Suppose if two persons are skilled with same type then there will be good competition between them and new thoughts will be derived that can help the organization.

The government is also understanding the need and concept of these two. As a result a major change in the education policy will be developing this feeling among the students since childhood and they will be knowing the pros and cons of the outside world in which they will be able to compete. The world is focussing on the coming generations to be more skilled and innovative. It is a way to create your own path on which you don’t have to follow the tradition because these can’t be eliminated. It can only be experienced and achieved.

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