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Dance in india has an unbroken tradition of over 2000 years. Two main division of its forms are classical and folk. The classical is the style’s adherence to the guidelines laid down in natyashastra, which explains the indian art of acting.folk dance of india vary according to the region and have no specific grammar.

here let’s know about this two dances which i like the most. Bharatanatyam and kathak

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Bharatanatyam originated in tamilnadu and was earlier known as daasiyattam. this dance form has been handed down through the centuries by dance teachers called nattuwanars and the temple dancers,called devadasis. In the sacred environment of the temple these families developed and propagated their heritage.the training traditionally took around seven years under the direction of the teachers who were scholars and persons of great learning.

kathak means ‘ to tell a story’. this north inidan dance form is inextricably bound with classical hindustani music, and the rhythmic agility of the feet is accompanied by the table or pakhvaj. traditionally the stories were of radha and krishna in the natwari style nu the mughal invasion of north india had a serious impact on the dance. the dance was taken to muslim courts and thus it became more entertaining and less religious in content. more emphasis was laid on nirtha, the pure dance aspect and less on abhinaya[expression and emotion].

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