Digital Marketing : Current scenario in India

I hope this article is very much familiar to you because it is a part of your daily lives whether it’s shopping, food delivery or travelling digital marketing can be said a core or the central part of these activities. Coming to what the word “digital marketing” actually refers to it can be dynamic but in a general form we can say that digital marketing refers to advertising delivered through digital channels such as social media, or other platforms. This helps in marketing the goods from the seller directly to the buyer eliminating the intermediaries.

PHILIP KOTLER, a well known name in the field of management is known to be the father of digital marketing. He is an American professor and has penned almost more than 60 books on marketing and established it as a field in academic. We can say that he thought about this concept earlier and was aware of the fact that the world will be accepting digital marketing as one of the most successful innovation.

TYPES of digital marketing : There are many types of digital marketing but which are considered as most important are as follows :- Search engine optimization (SEO), Pay -per-click, Social media marketing, Content marketing, Email marketing, Mobile marketing, Marketing analytics. The above mentioned types are very useful in today’s world. People are doing specialized courses into this field as this is the requirement of the time.

The 5 main D’s for digital marketing :- Digital devices, digital platforms, digital media, digital data and digital technology. As a result today each individual is aware about the trend of digital marketing. Traditionally marketing was only confined to sales and promotion but now due to digital marketing people can see, decide and review their product very easily.

The trend is more successful in India as every individual is having a smartphone and low cost internet availability which enables a strong point for digital marketing. Digitalisation also helps in the marketing sector as people are available with multiple option(one is upi as a payment option). Digital marketing is the new and innovative future for India as it can be carried over at the local level as well as the international level. Even during the pandemic situation India was the only country to reach at the highest level in field of digital marketing. So digital marketing is a successful approach for us.

I hope you all will agree on my views on this topic. Thank you and keep reading !!!!!

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