Educational status in India after 1947

Between 1935 to 1955 there is the development in the area of education in university. New universities were opened and the strength of students were also increased. But after the independence there was increased in the field of education in university. After separation only 19 universities were there but after that new 14 universities were opened. So that the government decided to create a team for the survey of university for analysis the new technology gained by the university. New educational program provides to the students for the development of students.

Aim of university education

Aim of university education :- After the independence our social, cultural and political facts are changed that changes increase the work of universities. Universities will give the affort towards the new technology. Now they the wants that type of education which increase the occupation, business etc.

Commercial education :- In commission 1st preference is given to commercial education. The field comes on this are agriculture, commercial, engineering and technology, teaching and health.

Engineering and technology :- At present engineering and technology are be the national property and we should try to increase it or improve this. All apportunity should be given to students who are studying in engineering college to work in the industry.

Medical :- Only those students get admission in medical colleges who have knowledge.

Teaching :- Syllabus of the university should be modified and changed according to the time. There must be exam conducted among the students.

Agricultural :- In rural areas new institutes are opened for the students so that they learn about the agriculture.

This is all modifications done after in independent of India.

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