Inspiration can come from anywhere, it’s something that makes you want to change in your life for the better, or someone who pushes you or set’s an example, or someone that makes you think about your life and how you want to change it.

My inspiration was my envy! Yes you heard it right. Growing up as a student was a challenging task. A child is vulnerable during this stage of life. The influence which the social sphere lay’s on them is very overwhelming. A child is born as an empty slate with capabilities; that child becomes a well adjusted individual by manifesting the potential they possess in a right way.

Let me share my piece of story. My experience as a student was, I lacked the quality of confidence and was not motivated enough to perform well in my desire area of interest, Literature. Every year mu school use to host English Recitation Competition in which I wanted to participate and win, but didn’t had the grit to admit my self into the competition. My teacher who always encouraged every student to exploit their potential advised me,“Winning doesn’t matter, what matter is participating”. That piece of encouragement was sufficient to to kick start my journey in search of my confidence aand winning that competition. I participated in the competition but I lose I was disheartened but was determine to win next year, but again success was not on my side and that’s when envy came into the frame. I was envious towards the winners and compared myself with them not releasing I was demotivating my own self. Consequently I observed the winners in the following years analyzing their ploy and instructed myself if they can do it why can’t I! I worked on my language skills and hand gestures evently advancing in the reciting tactics. I made the winners my model and changed my envious attitude into a matured one, which helped me to boost my motivation. This changes helped me to win the competition after a consistent failures in the past years. That’s when I learnt “INSPIRATION LEADS TO SUCCESS”