The Fascination of Blue

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The fascination is something that comes in handy when you indeed are gifted with the weird yet beautiful planet of the solar system. Yes, earth, though this earth has many things to provide us and above all give us our life, a place to call home and a guardian to protect us too it also has many secrets, some of them we can find but some are way deep than our reach and all this is what makes it more fascinating and mysterious in its way.

So, today this article will provide you more facts and data to help the level of fascination to be more than just a child’s dream of a candy house.

Rolling It Up

  • Round- Round way flat- Though we have always learned from childhood that our home is round but what if I tell you it’s flat around the equator and the melting of ice is also helping in the broadening of its waistline. Earth rotation, many other forces, and motion are responsible for changing the earth’s shape, it still will be able to hold this not-so-round sphere shape for a long time.
  • The Purple and long DayDo you know that many scientists believe that our earth once was purple in color because at that time as a molecule Retinol was used as the way to absorb green light instead of chlorophyll. Our day use to be 6 hours long but as our moon keeps slowing down the rotation of the earth today we have 24hrs long days and it will keep on increasing after every century.
  • Magic is in Air: Every one of us believes in the magic of something or anything but what if I say that it’s actually true that magic is in the air and every day the dust or cosmic dust as we call them is falling on the earth surface around 60 tons every day. Our earth is not just having cosmic dust but also there is no record of having the information about who gave it the name Earth as every else planet is named after Greek god just not the earth.
  • The big Appetite: Our earth is close enough to the sun, though having many benefits over the doom but we still have some pressing issue of the big, old and angry star our Sun. As every old star gets old, exhausts its hydrogen and collapses into gravity, and then consumes everything around him to create a void-filled hole, a black hole. So do can happen with our sun and taking all of us in the process but we don’t need to worry it’s still a long way down.
  • The apple that fell: As the apple fell so do the gravity gets its virtue but even though we know there is everywhere gravity and not just our solar system but each and everything is under the direct effect of gravity which is keeping everything in its static position, but then also some of the places or point of the gravity bed is so high and so low that they make a noticeable difference. This variation is known as Gravity Anomili.

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