The Voidless Void

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We are always filled with so much curiosity and questions to know why the certain thing is happening the way they are, we were always this eager to find out the truth even when we were toddlers we have this tendency of why, and it is natural too when we have this vast, boundless space which is filled with void yet it contains the basic life element there.

On some planet of this vast space, we have a canyon of the size of the united states and we don’t even know what could be lurking behind the Neptune. 

We know if we have something in our life it’s not because they just randomly appear out of nowhere but it’s actually where they were crafted So why would anything in our space be just randomly placed?

Our galaxy out there and even many more are situated at a certain place and billion and millions of light-years away as they are not found in isolation but they are either the part of a cluster or they have a belt of satellite galaxies around the group.

A Bizzare Cosmic Void

Our space is the large web of many things with spaces filled with dark matter and the voids in between the network of many big and clustered galaxies and still, they cover almost 90% of the total space which could vary in the diameter of billions and millions of light year.

The question still lingers on that how the void must have been formed or they just appear out in one space day? As the formation of the galaxy, we are currently residing started millions of the year ago, they were objects which were highly clustered and thus make the impact on the density of that cosmic web making the smaller object around them either move far away and creating the lesser density area which now we know as void.

The Sound of Void

The cosmic web we think might be just the representation of some model explaining the thing which one can’t actually see from but its more than that the cosmic web is the largest structure showing the pattern of the galaxy with voids and many things in between filling everything that our entire space has to offer us.

How come when it sustains our very own earth in its web and contains many alien objects, planets, and things still while defining it the 90% of it is just nothing and how can one know everything about nothing?

Nothing is what our space has made up from the starting is it? No, our space millions and a billion of years ago were evenly spread out on the surface with no star, no void nothing just the presence of gases but when the presence of gases and matter increased in certain part it started growing stronger and hence collapsing under the rule of gravity which started the creation of star and planets and eventually big bluffy galaxy thus taking everything around them and living back the void.

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