Amidst our daily lives filled with activities throughout our entire day from the crack of dawn to dusk, we often find ourselves multi-tasking with little to no time for our own wellness. Our constant need for checking social media instead for trying to gather more knowledge and trying to learn new things has not helped much in improving the situation at all. When was the last time you picked up a book and were actually able to finish it? Certainly we may not always have time to read books in our busy schedules. However, trying does not hurt at all. Reading is an activity that might have picked up ever since we were kinds. It is actually a privilege; being able to read and write is a privilege in itself. But sometimes we severely fail to acknowledge this.

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Reading comes with a variety of benefits. Some of them are discussed as follows:-


As multi-task away our days into oblivion, when we actually nothing getting done at times, it can be quite frustrating when we are just trying to do our best. We might get distracted by that twitter notification or that whatsapp message from the friend’s group planning a reunion.This results us in losing our focus and make us completely forget what we were actually doing in the first place. However, reading can really help us solve this issue at hand. A number of studies have shown that reading around 15-20 minutes a day can significantly improve your focus and concentration levels to a maximum.

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So, read a book to focus on your everyday tasks better!


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Reading a book about the experiences of everyday racism tolerate by African-american people may help us understand the major problem of the world that affects these innocent souls at a massive scale. Certainly, in such cases, books may help us to become more empathetic towards the way we observe and perceive things in our life. We may become kinder and compassionate to our fellow beings, all thanks to our books.

So, make the world a better place by initiating a change and start reading!


Readings book can actually make us a better communicator. This is evident through the fact that a we read books, knowing about stories, differing point of views, they offer us common ground for analysing the various side of arguments. This may help us in our everyday conversations as we are often able to understand the situations in better manner, keeping in mind not only our requirements but that of the other parties as well. This helps us communicate without any chances of misunderstandings and makes sure that the conversation is fruitful and productive.

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Furthermore, reading also makes us an interesting person too. People would often prefer and like to interact with the ones that have knowledge about what they are saying and actually understand the depth of their words.

In conclusion, we can say that reading may be life-changing for the ones who try it. So,try reading to understand people and even yourself better!